Frazzled to Fabulous – the Essentials – programme starts 8th June

Are your Menopause moods, sleep or waistline gone crazy?

Don’t pause for the Menopause, take back control,

of your life and your body.

Programme begin @7.30pm Tuesday 8th June. 

I last offered this programme in 2018.  Don’t miss out this time around.

Is this you?

  • Queen of hot flash stripping?

    Exhausted all day, but cant sleep at night?

    A supplement junkie, trying everything but nothing works?

    Nervous, anxious – heart palpitations appear out of nowhere?

    Gaining weight around your middle that nothing seems to shift?

Y’know how I know?

Because I’ve been there – I’ve had the panic attacks in the supermarket – Ive had the brain fog that I couldn’t remember my children’s names – I’ve had the exhaustion, the insomnia, the sweats and all the other delightful symptoms that come from being a woman with changing hormones – You can read more about my story in the blog – Using Chi Gong, Acupressure and Food Energetics of Traditional Chinese Medicine Im now at my happiest, my life is full of joy and adventure.  I feel full of energy and passion for what lies ahead. 

It’s never too early and it’s never too late to make changes, say goodbye to limiting beliefs and negative emotions. YOU CAN DO IT ! 

Believe me – Your best life experiences are still to come

What’s in it for me? 

Lifetime access to 38 pre-recorded Cooking, Acupressure and Chi Gong videos  to change all your symptoms of Menopause.  If you see something is missing for you – let me know and I’ll add it in

Access to the Closed Facebook Group for ongoing support and attention. This course ensures that you are never alone in making healthy changes that fill your life full of energy, joy and happiness.

6 Weekly Live Group Sessions:  covering ALL menopause topics LIVE and in-depth with a safe circle of women on the same journey.

First Group session (Tuesday 8th June) Intermittent Fasting over the next six weeks (simple, easy Chinese Medicine Style) plus metabolism boosting acupressure points to feel lighter, brighter and reduce the waistline.

Second Group session (Tuesday 15th June) – Facial diagnosis, Facial Acupressure – clearing brain fog, dull, lifeless complexion, headaches, migraine, anxiety, palpitations and helping you sleep so that you feel refreshed, clear headed and positive about your future.

Third Group session (Tuesday 22th June) – Tongue diagnosis, reducing Joint Pain and clearing excess heat from the body, reducing hot flushes, night sweats, anxiety, dry mouth, dry skin, and dry vagina, so you feel vibrant, juicy and passionate for life

Fourth Group session (Tuesday 29th June) Stopping sweet cravings and building healthy bones so that you slow your ageing process, increase daily energy, strength and positivity for your exciting life ahead

Fifth Group session (Tuesday 6th July) – Supplements and Herbs – which one is right for you. Understand your body, understand your symptoms so that you stop wasting time, stop wasting money and develop a loving connection with the body you were born with. 

Sixth Group session (Tuesday 13th July) – Breast Health and Intimate energy questions plus Open Tailor-made session for you/ Group check in as to what do you need, so you can be your best possible self and inspire others on their menopause journey.

Here’s what one early bird member of FRAZZLED TO FABULOUS had to say

“I am in disbelief at how calm I have been feeling since I started. The acupressure points you show are really helping in learning to listen to my body. Looking forward to some healing recipes am struggling with weight gain around the middle ☹️ , and sleep is so much deeper which is unusual for me.” N

FRAZZLED TO FABULOUS is unique and effective.

I last ran this programme in 2018. 

Programme begins 8th June 2021 @ 7.30pm.

Be sure not to miss out this time around.

The Video’s – to watch whenever suits you

Module 1

  • Lesson1: Reduce Stress, Calm the Nervous System, Build Bone, Hair, Teeth, Skin and Nail Health, Slow the ageing process; Glow with good health not a hot flush
  • Recipes:
  • Barley Water – so that you stop planning your walks around toilet stops or getting up 3 times at night to pee
  • Bone Broth improve muscle mass and boost metabolism so you feel full longer and you glow with health
  • One Pot Chicken using the bone broth in an everyday meal means you can improve your joints and feel more flexible
  • Gomasio – high source of calcium, magnesium and vitamin E – this is the healthy way to eat your salt
  • Cucumber & Seaweed the all round great ingredients make you feel fresh and moisturized, inside and out
  • Jing which foods feed your essential energy meaning you have passion for life
  • – Shiatsu Acupressure Points to Press to Clear Heat and Balance Energy
  • – 2 x Chi Gong Energy Flow Exercises to
  •     – 1st – 10 min flow covering main meridians and points for flow and balance.  Simple everyday energy to start your day
  •     – 2nd – 30 min flow restore balance, calm, build energy so you have a powerful sense of self

Module 2

  • Lesson 2: Detox the liver – balance the hormones, reduce Joint Pain, boost metabolism to feel lighter and brighter
  • Recipes:
  • pH balance the body plus Acid – Alkaline Food Sheet to reduce pain and inflammation so that you wake feeling refreshed
  • – Broccoli, Green Bean and Tahini Salad (cooling and alkalizing)
  • – Oat & Buckwheat Pancakes (lowering adrenaline and cortisol to help weight loss)
  • – Barely & Arame Salad (thyroid health)
  • – A Word From My G&T (stopping hot flushes)
  • – Tapas Tips, Healthy Nibbles (increasing flexility and lubrication)
  • – Shiatsu Points – Calm the Spirit / Peace and Yin Flow to relax the body so that you feel restored
  • – Shiatsu Points – Bedtime Routine to improve sleep
  • Japanese Makka Ho – a Yoga style flow to gently stretch the meridians, one by one 
  • – 30 min Chi Gong Flow to work on kidneys, reducing stress, adrenaline, cortisol, balancing hormones for strong teeth, bones, hair so that you get a good nights sleep

Module 3

  • Lesson 3: Heart Health, Calm the Anxiety, Sleep well, Which herbs do what
  • Recipes:
  • – Corn Bread strengthen hair, teeth and bones to avoid Osteoporosis
  • – Japanese New Year Salad healthy blood circulation to avoid heart disease
  • -Caramalized Onion and Seaweed Quiche Healthy DNA so that your cells replication reduce cancer risk
  • – Miso Soup feel the kidneys and the nervous system relax so that you sleep well, feel energized and don’t store weight
  • -Mojo Energy juice – healthy heart, libido and blood circulation so that you stay young and active
  • – Shiatsu Points to Press to Clear the Head of Excess Yang Heat preventing Brain Fog and improving memory
  • -Chi Gong Energy Flow Exercises to clear the mind and sharpen focus

Module 4

  • Lesson 4: Increase Vitality & Taking care of your Breast Health
  • Recipes:
  • – Herby Millet – reducing acid improving digestion so you don’t have pain and bloating
  • – Roasted Chick Peas stop sweet cravings with this tasty, digestion boosting snack
  • – Stomach Cleansing Juice to boost metabolism and lose belly fat
  • – Warm Goji Berry Latte a soft and soothing sweet treat so you feel satisfied and stop craving sweet stuff
  • – Loaded Potato Skins healthy sweet food to encourage satisfaction and stop sugar highs and lows
  • -Shiatsu Points for Energy Boosting
  • -Micro Cosmic Orbit – energizing your bodies internal circuitry
  • -30 min Chi Flow – boosting metabolism, improving muscle tone so that you lose belly fat

Frazzled to Fabulous – Menopause Essentials

  • 6 Live Weekly Frazzled to Fabulous Group Support Lessons

  • Life time Access to Online Course with over 38 Self Shiatsu Acupressure, Chi Gong and Food Medicine Videos

  • Live Guided Loving Kindness Meditation

  • Access to Closed Facebook group if you get stuck or want to share your inspiration and challenges

Why should you listen to me?

My work is not a standard menopause package.

I believe in giving care and attention.  In that way, it has been proven, that people will become empowered to make the right changes to improve their life.

My work comes with decades of experience. I live and breathe Chinese Medicine. With Chi Gong, Food Medicine and Shiatsu, I will listen to you and I will guide you, I trust that you have your own path and we will walk it together. I want to see you succeed and experience the joyful, love filled life you deserve.

I’ve supported thousands of women make positive changes to turn their life around and feel fabulous. 

Save Time, Save Money – You wont be alone – I’ve got your back with 1000’s of year of Traditional Chinese Medicine, supporting all the changes you need to make.

By the time you have got to the point of the menopause making you ill, it can be expensive, Trips to the Doctor costs €80-€140 a pop and often ineffective as your symptoms have diversified.

What started off as hot sweats and slightly bigger boobs is now planning trips out around a toilet, terrible sleep, loosing hair, sore joints and a rapidly increasing waistline. 

If you don’t deal with the Menopause now – your symptoms will get louder until you listen.

There’s great information out there about menopause, but you have to wade through quizzes, handouts, power-points, downloads, cheat sheets, shopping lists – it can be overwhelming, sorting through the masses of information, until you are so confused you cant remember whether you should use the cream or eat it.  

 Frazzled to Fabulous means that you will know what works specifically for you.

Frazzled to fabulous stops you going around in circles.  

Redefine what ageing means.  Work with me and you’ll shine so bright you’ll inspire others to do the same

Are you ready to change up your life and make the second half, the best half of your life?

It’s online so you can save time getting to a class. Everything is documented in slides and they and the live lesson recordings are shared. All of the content is available indefinitely. Content is excellent and gives you lots of tools to use.

Clare, Online Course Participant

I really enjoyed all the tastes and wisdom… I find your work very interesting and explains many things I half knew before without understanding… Thanks

– Chrissie

I decided I would like to learn information about dealing with my painful body. Jo actually explains what is going on in the body as a whole.  I am very happy more than happy actually 


“I decided I would like to learn information about dealing with my painful body. Jo actually explains what is going on in the body as a whole.  I am very happy – more than happy actually “


She takes you thorough the consultation listening to you carefully, she communicates clearly about how the treatment works.  I just love her calming caring energy! I felt really safe in her presence, like she was really looking after me.   Jo has so much experience and knowledge and most of all heart! I’d one million per cent recommend Joanne!

– Grace

The eating better is sticking & can see this being a long term thing, now lost a stone since we started. 

– Nikki