In my Shiatsu practice I attune to your body. I feel what you feel and help you get the pain free, easy going, happy, energy filled, positive life you deserve. We can find out which organs are out of balance and how to rectify them with Self-Shiatsu, Food Medicine and Energy Exercises.


n my Shiatsu practice I attune to your body. I feel what you feel and help you get the pain free, easy going, happy, energy filled, positive life you deserve. We can find out which organs are out of balance and how to rectify them with Self-Shiatsu, Food Medicine and Energy Exercises.

There are no two women the same,

There are no two solutions the same.

Here’s what some women had to say after working with me …..

“I am thrilled not only with my physical well being but also my sense of joy is unbelievable. ” – Ann P

“Such a difference and feeling superb today.  The insomnia really is my biggest killer, but I am feeling wonderful this morning after an epic sleep.” –  Dearbhail

“Eating better is sticking & can see this being a long term thing, now lost a stone since we started.” –  Nikki

Are you …..

The queen of stripping; taking off layer after layer with skill and speed when a hot flush overcomes you?

Too exhausted to do anything, but when your head hits the pillow, finding it impossible to sleep?

A supplement junkie; trying everything to thicken hair, reduce hot flushes, help you sleep, stop your joint                 pain… but nothing works long term?

Too nervous to go out because anxiety and heart palpitations appear out of nowhere?

Slowly gaining weight around your middle but your arms and legs stay skinny?

You know this isn’t normal; that there is something wrong.

You’ve gone to the doctor multiple times, undergone tests, been handed prescriptions but nothing seems to help and you just want to know WHY you feel so bad.

We often are told that’s just the way it is as women age. That we have to accept these symptoms as a part of ageing.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!


1-1 Reconnect Session - Online or In-Person

Let’s get in touch with your body and make a plan.

Includes Facial, Tongue and Hara diagnostics plus a follow up dietary, shiatsu points, energy exercise recommendations.

Reconnect Session Upgrade

By making simple healthy improvements to your diet and lifestyle you can improve the health of your hormones.

Series of 3 Online Shiatsu consultations with bespoke self-shiatsu, chi gong and nutritional food medicine video’s.

Chi Flow with Jo

Join me every weekday morning for life changing Chi Gong. 

Sessions Recorded and emailed daily to practice wherever and whenever.

A perfect blend of meditation and movement.

Self Guided Course

Discover new healthy lifestyle which doesn’t feel hard to maintain, but is a fun and nourishing way to live.

Includes Reconnection Session, daily group check in, over 30 videos.


Get so busy you skip meals then you’re so famished you reach for whatever quick snacks you can get your hands on?

Rely on take aways when you have run out of ideas as to what to cook for dinner?

Turn to alcohol, biscuits, chocolate or crisps when you are bored, stressed or feeling sad?

Research healthy eating but get overwhelmed by conflicting information so you give up?

Start a health plan but give up because you don’t have the support you need to stick with it?


The path to health is clear but it can be difficult to walk alone, especially if you balance a family, career and everything else life throws at you. Adding “one more thing” can be overwhelming especially if you are given too much information and you are not sure where to start. This can mean you go back to old habits, sticking with the devil you know.  Falling back into quick snacks, too tired to move off the sofa, too defeated to think that anything can change.

But your body is not outside your control. With my specialised support, we can understand what is at the root of wreaking havoc with your body and how we can fix it.

From recipes designed specifically to balance women’s health issues to session notes and bespoke lifestyle recommendations including self-shiatsu acupressure routines and Chi Gong female energy flow exercises, recorded just for you – you can have it all, when you invest in this path and work with me.


I had a rough birth with my twin boys, I haemorrhaged and nearly died (yes I saw the white light) at the same time I owned and ran an environmental empowerment organisation working with the regeneration of Ballymun, which is well known for its high levels of unemployment, drug usage and high-rise tower blocks. It could be a dangerous and stressful area of Dublin to work in. I worked way too much.

When the twins were 2, I found out my partner was having an affair. I was just too exhausted to carry on. I turned the business into a community development. I left him and my business.

That’s when my Peri-Menopause symptoms started. I would get so dizzy I thought I was going to black out, these in turn would trigger panic attacks leaving me feeling anxious all the time. My sleep pattern was disrupted and I was so exhausted I would forget my children’s names. I felt so isolated and alone, I often thought I wasn’t going to make it. My whole body hurt. I was only 5ft tall and weighed 14 stone because I comfort ate all the wrong food.

Luckily I had my background of Chinese Medicine and Shiatsu to guide me.  I started to improve my diet following Traditional Chinese Medicine Guidelines.  I began to practice a Chi Gong and receive regular shiatsu. I started with baby steps, little by little. I’m 52 now with no panic attacks, and no anxiety. I sleep well, and can remember what I walked into a room for. My skin is glowing and I have no grey hairs. Keeping the weight off can be tricky but I know what to do when the pounds start climbing on and if I have the odd bad nights sleep I know which points to press, which foods to eat and which Chi Gong exercises to do to ensure that things come back to balance naturally.

My life is good, I have a sense of purpose, I wake up feeling rested, and I am happy.

I’d love to share what I know with you.  Let's begin the journey together.

 “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”

Lao Tzu – Chinese Medicine Master and philosopher.

It’s online so you can save time getting to a class. Everything is documented in slides and they and the live lesson recordings are shared. All of the content is available indefinitely. Content is excellent and gives you lots of tools to use.

Clare, Online Course Participant

I really enjoyed all the tastes and wisdom… I find your work very interesting and explains many things I half knew before without understanding… Thanks

– Chrissie

I would highly recommend Joanne. She is fabulous. I love what she does. She integrates hands on treatment, food, lifestyle, relaxation and self-care which works incredibly well with any healing journey. You can get a jack of all trades but unless you find someone who can integrate treatment modalities into a coherent whole, you will only get a piece-meal, scatter gun approach to any health problem

– Geraldine

Feeling the benefits already after just a few weeks. My energy levels are better, sleeping better & feeling calmer.


We service our cars, and our bodies are way more important than a car! Healing and relaxation and de-stress are just some of the benefits of working with Jo! 5*****