Who I Am

My Experience

In 1998 I began my studies in Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine. After successful completion of undergraduate studies, I traveled extensively, experiencing and studying different spiritual traditions such as Tibetan Buddhism, Shivananda Yoga, Zen Meditation and QiGong Movement. After qualifying in 2003, as a Shiatsu Practioner, I set up a busy clinic specializing in the energy of food in North County Dublin and Dublin City Centre.

I love teaching and in 2011 I began running regular cookery classes incorporating Traditional Chinese Medicine in Dublin City Centre. Now I am invited to speak all over the country at events large and small, demonstrating how easy it is to use food as medicine.

You can learn the Shiatsu & Conscious Cooking process with me online or if you’d like to work with me personally, book a treatment or with a small bespoke group at the hugely fun and healing Cookery retreats. I am passionate about the connection between how we feel and the food we choose. I am dedicated to helping people use the simple 5 element system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Understanding what your body is telling you through its symptoms and the food it craves is essential if you want to stay healthy and well. It is often a revelation how simple it can be to choose the right food at the right time. Your relationship with food is a mirror for your relationship with life. So rather than feeling bad or confused about what to eat, be in love with the conscious choices you make every time you put a scrumptious morsel in your mouth. Feel the love as the food gives you life.”Shiatsu & the Art of Conscious Cooking”

With Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine, food is designed not only to maintain health, but also to treat many ailments, such as the common cold, plus more complex diseases like psoriasis, diabetes, IBS, infertility, hypertension, digestive problems, and autoimmune disorders. Food also has an emotional aspect – craving sweet food would suggest the Spleen is out of balance, salty food would suggest your kidneys need support. 

In order to use food medicinally, we must first understand some of the principles involved to recognize what foods are right for a person, at a particular time, and for a particular condition. Shiatsu & Conscious Cooking explains this system simply in a modern kitchen, using everyday ingredients, giving you control over your basic health needs.

For more information please contact me on
086 607 0432 or email joannefaulkner@live.ie

  • My mission is to help you understand the connection between physical symptoms, emotional changes and the food we eat.
  • It’s about how to be well and love yourself with food.

The practice of Shiatsu requires a high standard of education, with a minimum of three years training with a recognized affiliated school, regulated by the European Shiatsu Federation and a minimum of 500 practice hours. All practitioners who are registered members of the Shiatsu Society are fully insured and adhere to a Code of Ethics. At present I am Chairperson of the Shiatsu Society, which regulates the practice in Ireland.

To find a practitioner near you visit www.ShiatsuSocietyIreland.org


I had a rough birth with my twin boys, I haemorrhaged and nearly died (yes I saw the white light) at the same time I owned and ran an environmental empowerment organisation working with the regeneration of Ballymun, which is well known for its high levels of unemployment, drug usage and high-rise tower blocks. It could be a dangerous and stressful area of Dublin to work in. I worked way too much.

When the twins were 2, I found out my partner was having an affair. I was just too exhausted to carry on. I turned the business into a community development. I left him and my business.

That’s when my Peri-Menopause symptoms started. I would get so dizzy I thought I was going to black out, these in turn would trigger panic attacks leaving me feeling anxious all the time. My sleep pattern was disrupted and I was so exhausted I would forget my children’s names. I felt so isolated and alone, I often thought I wasn’t going to make it. My whole body hurt. I was only 5ft tall and weighed 14 stone because I comfort ate all the wrong food.

Luckily I had my background of Chinese Medicine and Shiatsu to guide me.  I started to improve my diet following Traditional Chinese Medicine Guidelines.  I began to practice a Chi Gong and receive regular shiatsu. I started with baby steps, little by little. I’m 52 now with no panic attacks, and no anxiety. I sleep well, and can remember what I walked into a room for. My skin is glowing and I have no grey hairs. Keeping the weight off can be tricky but I know what to do when the pounds start climbing on and if I have the odd bad nights sleep I know which points to press, which foods to eat and which Chi Gong exercises to do to ensure that things come back to balance naturally.

My life is good, I have a sense of purpose, I wake up feeling rested, and I am happy.

I’d love to share what I know with you.  Let's begin the journey together.