Join Joanne Faulkner for an immersive retreat experience. 

You will practice daily Qi Gong, Self-Shiatsu, learn delicious recipes with Cookery Demonstrations, eat amazing vegetarian food at every meal, meditate to relax and rejuvenate your mind, and spend time with like-minded people connecting and walking through beautiful ancient forests, taking in nature, peace and quiet.

These beautiful retreats book out fast, so read on for more details of our upcoming retreats.

Joanne Faulkner Wellness Retreats
Joanne Faulkner Wellness Retreats

 Happy Healthy Heart

Weekend Residential Retreat

Mucklagh Lodge, Wicklow, Ireland

For this unique retreat we will be looking at the heart in Chinese Medicine –  not only looking at what foods keep our Heart healthy, but what physical and emotional practices we can incorporate to expand love in our life and maintain a healthy body.

You will learn which foods reduce physical conditions such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugars together with how the emotional body relates to organ health, together with recipes to reduce anxiety, insomnia and palpitations.

We will experience the body through heart-focused Qi Gong exercises, stretches and acupressure points, plus meditation, mindfulness and mantra techniques that calm the mind and bring the Heart home for peaceful sleep and a loving joyful life.

You will leave feeling healthy, happy, rested and well-fed, with an understanding of how food connects to heart health and a happy mind.

The Heart in Chinese Medicine sits serene in the body supported like an emperor by all the other organs in the body.  I have chosen my favourite recipes to keep each organ healthy and support the Heart, including:

  • – Green Beans, Wood Ear Fungus and Garlic (aiding blood circulation) 
  • – Cacao Hot Chocolate (opening the heart for emotional bliss)
  • – Caper & Sundried Tomato dressing (aiding liver blood flow)
  • – Beetroot, Pear & Feta Salad (dilating the arteries to help blood flow)
  • – Lettuce Juice (a sleeping tonic)
  • ​​- Rosemary Oil & Tea (circulation for fingers and toes)

Some of the ingredients are specialized to thin the blood or reduce arterial build up but most recipes are created using everyday fresh ingredients. 

Even the healthiest people need to nourish and protect their Heart. This retreat will help you understand your body, interpreting its signals and clues to feed it what it needs, emotionally and physically to stay Happy, Healthy and in Love with life.

This Weekend Retreat includes:

☯️ Qi Gong sessions

☯️ Cooking class and demonstrations

☯️ Self Shiatsu sessions

☯️ Walking Qi Gong meditation

☯️ Traditional Chinese Medicine class

☯️ Delicious vegetarian meals

I will be joined by the amazing Claire McCormick of the Natural Dining Table, who has been chef for some of Ireland’s premier vegetarian restaurants including the Happy Pear, Cornucopia and The Escape (in Bray back in the 90’s). All food vegetarian and where possible taken from Claire’s own polytunnel.


Joanne Faulkner Wellness Retreats


€395* – includes all food, tuition, and accommodation

* €50 discount if you have been on retreat with me before or if you bring/recommend a friend


Deposit (non refundable) €95 to secure space when booking plus 3 monthly payments of €100

Maximum 14 participants


4 twin rooms and 2 triple rooms – all  offered on a first come, first served basis

Take time to develop and nurture a loving connection with your body and mind

Chi Flow Wellness Retreats are always fully booked.

I love to work with small, intimate groups so weekend retreats have a maximum of 14 participants.

If you have any medical dietary requirements (gluten-free, lactose intolerence, etc.) please let me know in advance.

Here’s what some women had to say after a retreat…

“Joanne has a special talent for putting people at ease, and is a wealth of knowledge about TCM, Shiatsu, Qi Gong and what to eat to feel well.  Her retreats are just glorious, relaxing, immersive and you come away feeling like you’ve had a 2 week holiday in a health spa.  Highly recommended to switch off and decompress.”

Kelley, Retreat Participant

“Being at the centre. I felt relieved to step out of the world. Food – Eating wholesome. Good food prepared with love. Meeting likeminded ladies. Freedom to have time alone. Enjoyed the sharing.”

Marian, Retreat Participant

“Joanne is very skilled in her ability to teach and inspire. Her knowledge and passion are both great gifts.”

Fionnuala, Retreat Participant