Wellness Retreats

Bright & Precious Self

Day Retreat 

Saturday 26th November 2022 

TheYurt, Kilmead, Athy R14KF70

  • ☯️ Ancient Qi Gong exercise of the 8 Brocades,
  • ☯️ Food medicine Cooking Class for strong bones and calm nervous system
  • ☯️ Self Shiatsu Acupressure
  • ☯️ Guided 6 Healing Sounds for all the organs
  • ☯️ Walking Qi Gong Meditation
  • ☯️ Extensive healthy lunch with 2 special health teas

We will work with the Kidney essence of the body, building strong bones, energizing and feeding bone marrow which in turn creates red blood cells, nourishing the whole body and white blood cells which strengthen the body’s immune system.

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Learning physical practices to connect with our body and its innate capacity to heal. Restoring trust and connection by coming together with simple practices to renew and nurture your radiant health, from the inside out.


I can absolutely say with my experience of teaching and treating hundreds of thousands of people, that every person without exception who uses Qi Gong, Food Medicine and Self Shiatsu consistently experiences health improvement and access to greater energy.

Investment: €150 for the full day including special food medicine lunch and instruction

30% Discount ticket for members of Chi Flow with Jo   €105

Shiatsu Training Foundation Course 

25-28th February 2022

Skibbereen, West Cork, Ireland

What you will learn

These fantastic Shiatsu Foundation courses are designed to give you a solid grounding in Shiatsu bodywork and a more extensive introduction to the theories of Chinese medicine.

You will develop your own awareness to Qi (energy) and learn to enhance its movement within the body, clearing blockages and strengthening vitality and life flow.

You will begin to understand how your body works and what it is saying to you.

With cooking demonstrations and 5 element catering by Joanne, you will learn how the flavours of food impact your organs, how to listen and love your body so you can thrive and live your best life.

Learning powerful acupressure points plus daily Qi Gong practices, you will be able to balance your body and live in attunement with the natural rhythms of nature and life.

You can then share this gift by giving safe and effective shiatsu to friends and family and integrate these new and powerful techniques into an already existing massage practice.

Upon completion you will receive a certificate and the foundation qualification required to enter professional Shiatsu Studies which is recognised across Europe.

Wise Women Retreat

Cultivating your female energy with Qi Gong, 5 element Food Medicine and Self Acupressure 

5, 6, 7 May 2023

Mucklagh Lodge, Wicklow, Ireland

This is an all women retreat, creating a safe circle for sharing and healing.
We will cover all areas of women’s health from menstrual cycle to menopause and beyond using the food we eat, Qi gong exercise, and potent acupressure points.     
At a cellular level, our bodies are constantly reproducing; new blood cells, skin cells, hair follicles, maintaining bone density, nail strength, and growth, so it is essential to keep our reproductive health, “Jing” in Chinese Medicine, flowing, vital and juicy.
☯️ In this simple, nurturing weekend, you can understand the clear connection between our emotions, our vitality, the food we choose and how it directly affects our health.
☯️ We will experience and nurture the feminine passionate energy within us, effortlessly improving health, bringing a balance between passionate fire and flowing water.

Within this retreat we will address symptom such as

  • insomnia,
  • palpitations,
  • loss of libido,
  • painful heavy breasts and periods,
  • weight gain around the middle,
  • hot flushes,
  • night sweats,
  • mood swings
Take time to develop and nurture a loving connection with your body and mind.
There are only maximum 15 participants and the 5 twin rooms are offered on a first come, first served basis.

EARLY BIRD UNTIL 1ST FEB:  €395 – includes all food, tuition, and accommodation

Deposit (non refundable) €95 to secure space, remainder paid 2023

Shiatsu & Conscious Cooking retreats are always fully booked.

I love to work with small intimate, closed groups so there is only a maximum of 15 participants.

If you have any medical dietary requirement please let me know

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“Being at the centre. I felt relieved to step out of the world. Food – Eating wholesome. Good food prepared with love. Meeting likeminded ladies. Freedom to have time alone. Enjoyed the sharing.”

Marian, Retreat Participant

“Joanne is very skilled in her ability to teach and inspire. Her knowledge and passion are both great gifts.”

Fionnuala, Retreat Participant