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Join us for simple and easy ANCIENT NATURAL SOLUTIONS to relieve fatigue, increase energy, and improve your mood – only €2 per class!

For the months of January and February we will practicing Intermittent Fasting as a group, using Qi Gong, acupressure points and food medicine for health and longevity.

Qi gong is energy cultivation and skill. It is ancient Chinese exercises and meditations to cleanse the life force of any toxins, to get it moving and circulating and to build up a reserve of healing power and resilience after times of stress.

It improves focus, energy levels, increases mobility plus cultivating your own spiritual connection to the essence of life.

Traditional Chinese Medical wisdom has long recommended eating during daylight and resting the digestive organs at night. This is part of living in harmony with the circadian cycles and following the energy of nature for health and longevity.

Following the Chinese Medicine Time clock, we will help the body lose fat, reduce inflammation, improve liver function, promoting flexibility, body, mind and soul.

Together with the Chi Gong exercise, you will receive acupressure points and dietary recommendations. 

I’m live every weekday morning so if I miss anything for you, just ask.

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If you feel isolated and alone?  There’s no need to be – there are over 300 of us who practice Chi Flow with Jo both live and with the recordings. 
Together with the daily live check in and the daily Chinese Medicine diet tips this programme has it all to keep you healthy – body, mind and soul.

Welcome to something different. this is so easy. You feel in the flow of your life.
You feel light and free, pain reduces and sleep becomes easier.
Confused thinking, brain fog? – at €2 per class – this is a no brainer
Don’t underestimate the power of the group – knowing that we are doing this together gives accountability and keeps you on track.

What you get with your subscription

Live Chi Gong and Makka-Ho classes

Every weekday morning at 8.30 am – practice routines that use movement, breath, acupressure points, and mental intention to balance and harmonize the flow of Chi in the body.

8.20am : Silent Meditation (optional)

8.30am : Chi Flow practice

9.00am : Live Chat Q&A

10.30am : The daily recording is emailed together with TCM acupressure, food and energy recommendations.

Online Talks

Online evening talks on various topics such as reducing pain, how to interpret and treat your body, managing menopause, stopping sweet cravings, flowing through stress and how to stay young. Talks include a variety of self-shiatsu points, dietary advice, recipe demonstrations and 5 element theory. All sessions are live and interactive with space for questions and answers for your specific needs, and recordings are emailed afterwards so you can watch at any time.

Live Satsangs

Satsang is a word which comes from Sanskrit, meaning ‘to be in the company of true people’. In this space, we will practice meditations and mantras together for half an hour and then listen to short teaching from a variety of speakers including Abraham Hicks, Mooji and Byron Katie.

This is a space to share experiences and ask questions. A state of unity and love can arise when we come together as a group practicing selfless emotions.

Knowledge Base Video Library

As part of your Chi Flow with Jo membership, you get access to the members’ pre-recorded Video Library which includes:

  • Pre Recorded Chi Gong Flows
  • Self Shiatsu instructional videos
  • Conscious Cooking Demonstration videos
  • Mantras & Meditation
  • Past Mid-monthly health talks on topics such as Feng Shui, Stopping Sweet Cravings, Tantra, Insomnia and Gut Health.

What some
Chi Flow with Jo
members have to say…

Gentle & powerful.  Joanne has a great energy & a world of knowledge. Feeling the benefits physically & mentally already. Highly recommended. Eithne

“When I started the month my resting heart rate was 70bpm. My blood pressure at times was up to 196 ( scary). After the month of fasting, chi flow and exercise my resting heart rate is 56 which puts me in the athlete bracket I’m sure with all the liver work my blood pressure will have stabilised as well.” Deidre

“I love your classes – your energy and enthusiasm is infectious and I love the way you share information about meridians and acupressure points during the class – you clearly have enormous levels of knowledge and you share it generously and lightly. I come away from every class, feeling the benefit of it, and ready to face the day.” Jean

So simple, but so effective!! – Lisa


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