Frazzled to Fabulous


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, menopause is called, Second Spring. Released from the exhaustive symptoms of a monthly cycle and the demands of raising a family, you should find yourself with time to focus on the things that make you happy and your own lifes’ purpose.

But if you have been struggling to juggle life, work and family then you may find that when natural hormonal shifts of Peri-Menopause and Menopause happen, the changes hit you hard.

My work is not a shop bought package, it comes with decades of experience. I live and breathe Chinese Medicine, with it’s Chi Gong, Food Medicine and Self Shiatsu. I will listen to you, I will guide you, I trust that you have your own path and we will walk it together. I want to see you succeed and experience the joyful, love filled life you deserve.

We are often so bone-weary and frazzled from multi-tasking in a modern world, that when it comes time for natural change, we have nothing left in the tank to manage the transition. The symptoms of hot flashes, insomnia, brain fog, weight gain, night sweats, low libido and lack of motivation are exhausting, they leave us with no love or passion for our life.  Our hair begins thinning, we gain unexplained weight, even returning acne can remove self esteem and any desire for life.  All these symptoms have a devastating effect on work life, social life, family and relationships.

But what if you could listen to your body and understand what it was saying? What if you knew how to talk to your body and give it what it needs to refuel and balance hormones naturally?  Your body is not outside your control. With my specialised support, we can understand what is at the root of wreaking havoc with your body and how to fix it.

There are no two women the same – There are no two solutions the same

Here’s what some women had to say …..

Gentle & powerful.  Joanne has a great energy & a world of knowledge. Feeling the benefits physically & mentally already. Highly recommended. Eithne

I would highly recommend Joanne. She is fabulous. I love what she does. She integrates treatment, food, lifestyle, relaxation and self-care. You can get a jack of all trades but unless you find someone who can integrate treatment modalities into a coherent whole, you will only get a piece-meal, scatter gun approach to any health problem. She is whole-istic with a big W – Veronica

When I started the month my resting heart rate was 70bpm. My blood pressure at times was up to 196 ( scary). After the month, my resting heart rate is 56 which puts me in the athlete bracket. I’m so delighted with the improvements in my health – Deidre

So simple, but so effective!! – Lisa

Frazzled to Fabulous – Whats in it for me?

There is no one solution fits all so we work together finding what you need and what you want. So if you need to manage thinning hair, stop night sweats and work on boosting metabolism to loose the weight that wont shift around your belly but you also want to stop sweet cravings and reduce your joint pain or foggy thinking – your course can have it all.

Six Online Shiatsu Consultations over the course of six months, give us the ground from which to work.  Understanding your complete medical history and current presenting symptoms is essential to move forward, creating a plan and content for your very own Support Course. Mixing and matching from all my courses so you get a bespoke solution that fits you.

Frazzled to Fabulous Content
Six Online Shiatsu Consultations, all recorded and hosted on your private course for easy access and viewing on any device at anytime.

Three bespoke shiatsu video routines.  Created together and recorded especially for you, these powerful acupressure point sequences can address a variety of symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety and exhaustion.  They build energy, remove emotional and physical blockages for increased vitality and health.

Three Chi Flow Energy Exercise Routines designed and recorded especially for you. From hundreds of forms I can choose which Chi Gong Flows will work with your organs and your hormones best. Plus three added extras of the most beneficial pre-recorded half hour Chi Flow with Jo sessions.

From a library of over 250 food medicine cookery videos you can choose ten recipes videos to suit you, instructing you step by step how to create meals that work nutritionally for you.

Six months subscription to Chi Flow with Jo – putting you in the zone every morning of health and transformation.  Daily recordings so you stay motivated and connected

Daily access to me for live Q&A plus group support, if you get stuck, Im always here

Book Bundle sent straight to your door with over 150 recipes, acupressure points and energy exercises.  These beautiful coffee table books are reference material to delve into at your leisure over a cuppa

That’s over twenty five personalised videos that create your own course, hosted here on this site for life. With your own personal login details, this is just for you – your unique healing journey.  You can add to the course at any time with online talk or future 1-1 sessions.  This course has the capacity to change, just as you do.

There’s great information out there about menopause, what to eat, what supplements to take for adrenal fatigue, low libido, hot flashes but you have to wade through quizzes, handouts, powerpoints, downloads, cheat sheets, shopping lists – it can be overwhelming, sorting through the masses of information, until you are so confused you cant remember whether you should put the cream on your skin or eat it.   You need to know what applies to you and what you can leave behind. There are no two people the same, no two menopauses are the same and so there are no standard or duplicate solutions.  This is for you and only you ……. and you’re worth it.

It’s online so you can save time getting to a class. Everything is documented in slides and they and the live lesson recordings are shared. All of the content is available indefinitely. Content is excellent and gives you lots of tools to use.

Clare, Online Course Participant

I really enjoyed all the tastes and wisdom… I find your work very interesting and explains many things I half knew before without understanding… Thanks

– Chrissie

I decided I would like to learn information about dealing with my painful body. Jo actually explains what is going on in the body as a whole.  I am very happy more than happy actually 


“I decided I would like to learn information about dealing with my painful body. Jo actually explains what is going on in the body as a whole.  I am very happy – more than happy actually “


She takes you thorough the consultation listening to you carefully, she communicates clearly about how the treatment works.  I just love her calming caring energy! I felt really safe in her presence, like she was really looking after me.   Jo has so much experience and knowledge and most of all heart! I’d one million per cent recommend Joanne!

– Grace

The eating better is sticking & can see this being a long term thing, now lost a stone since we started. 

– Nikki