Avoid Family Tension and Hang on to your Mojo during COVID-19

Avoid Family Tension and Hang on to your Mojo during COVID-19

Everyone needs to eat but these days when we are all inside, we may not be eating from hunger but to pass the time.  Grazing and overeating is a real problem when we can’t get out and about.  Perhaps your daily commute, striding trips to the shops or taking a walk with friends has disappeared.  Here are some tips so we don’t exit cocooning with more problems than we went in with.
Love your food but don’t overindulge.

Think of your food as a special lover, keep it sexy.  

Remember sexual energy isn’t about sexual intercourse.  it’s about keeping your passion and joy for life, making sure the Chi is metabolized and flowing.  So keep food light and tactile.  Eat food that won’t slow down your body’s digestive systems such as red meat, cheese or heavy cream.  Rather go for grilled mackerel with poached eggs or a tactile tomato and onion salad with a tangy lemon dressing.  Mix your carbs into a salad so that elements of your diet are raw.  Try the Bulghar and Pomegranate Salad on page 200 of Good Food Better Sex.  These types of food support the liver and detoxify blood so that it flows easily, nourishes organs and maintains libido energy.  To increase intimacy, eat using your fingers including plenty of eye contact with your partner over a table.  Even though the meal could be a chaotic throng of kids and grandparents, your partner will know you are thinking just about them and the delights to come later.  If you are cocooning alone savor your mealtimes and your food.  Turn the TV or radio off.  Enjoy the silence and relationship you have with the food that will become your energy.  Eat your salads with your fingers, take your time, there’s plenty of it.

In Chinese Medicine, the Liver is also responsible for flexibility and frustration.  So to make sure you stay calm with kids, avoid confrontation with teenagers and maintain your libido avoid other liver straining foods such as alcohol.  Create mocktails instead. Using fresh juice, add sprigs of mint or use a potato peeler to create cucumber slivers so the drink becomes a treat, not a chore.  On a practical note try watermelon and beetroot, as these foods contain vitamins and minerals that aid erectile dysfunction and reduce vaginal dryness.  (more info: Good Food Better Sex)

When everyone is inside, finding space for intimate moments can be tricky but it’s important to remember that sexual intercourse begins way before the bedroom.  Great intimacy requires connection so set a timer for 10 minutes and listen to your partner as they tell you their thoughts and fears.  Maybe they are unsure about the CoronaVirus or the future.  Maybe there’s a particular thing you are doing that’s annoying them.   Listen to them without comment or interruption as they tell you how they are feeling.  You may encourage them with phrases such as “tell me more” but don’t judge, try to fix or explain yourself.  Then turn the tables and you talk. This requires really deep listening and acceptance for the other person’s opinions and beliefs.  You can use this technique with any family member or a person you are sharing space with, it relieves tension and aids communication.

If you want to take this to the next level, set the timer again but this time ask them where they would like to be touched and how they would like to be touched.  This can be done via skype or over the phone.  It can be sexual or sensual.  You can describe how you would like to be stroked, it is with a feather or fingernails, which part of the body and for how long.  Or you can simply ask to be held and rocked. Honest communication is key to healthy, happy life full of love.  You can also do this exercise solo.  Your pleasure is never someone else’s responsibility and remember:  Outercourse comes before intercourse

I hope this insight into how you can use Chinese Medicine to complement your health by simply using food as medicine.  To keep the body active, join me Facebook Live every morning during lockdown at 8.30 for Chi Gong and Makka-Ho meridian stretches

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