Stop Sweet Cravings

The Qi Gong, Food Medicine and Acupressure for May 2023 in Chi Flow with Jo will focus on stopping sweet cravings and balancing the energy in your body.

In Chinese medicine the sweet flavour corresponds to the organs of the Spleen/Stomach. Therefore craving for the sweet stuff, as opposed to salt or sour, would tell us that the Spleen/Stomach is out of balance.

The colour is orange and late summer is the season representing the abundant , sweet harvest of mother earth. The emotions are cravings, addictions in the negative and satisfied comfort in the positive.

From the Chinese perspective there is nothing wrong with sweet food, however if we over indulge, as with any area of life it will cause problems, physically and emotionally.

For the month of May in Chi Flow with Jo we will cover all areas of WHY we crave the sweet stuff according to Traditional Chinese Medicine and how we can take steps to stop an addictive cycle.

This includes:

☯️ 8.20 meditation
☯️ 8.30-9.00 Live Qi Gong
☯️ 9.00 Q&A Live with me and the group
Daily Live sessions recorded and emailed directly to you with Acupressure points and 5 element food guidance, so you can practice whenever and where ever suits you.
Also includes:
🧡 Mid-Monthly Health Talks
🧡 Guided Monthly Meditations
🧡 Access to extensive Library with Qi Gong/Acupressure and Food Medicine instruction videos
No special equipment, clothing or previous experience necessary.
Doors open at the end of April to begin the new moves for Stopping Sweet Cravings in May


Stop Sweet Cravings

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Here’s what some people had to say …..

Gentle & powerful.  Joanne has a great energy & a world of knowledge. Feeling the benefits physically & mentally already. Highly recommended.

– Eithne

I would highly recommend Joanne. She is fabulous. I love what she does. She integrates treatment, food, lifestyle, relaxation and self-care. You can get a jack of all trades but unless you find someone who can integrate treatment modalities into a coherent whole, you will only get a piece-meal, scatter gun approach to any health problem. She is whole-istic with a big W

– Veronica

When I started the month my resting heart rate was 70bpm. My blood pressure at times was up to 196 ( scary). After the month, my resting heart rate is 56 which puts me in the athlete bracket. I’m so delighted with the improvements in my health


So simple, but so effective!!