Stopping Sweet Cravings Online Interactive Workshop


Do you struggle with stopping the sweet cravings?  Are you caught in sugar highs and energy-draining lows? Traditional Chinese Medicine approaches the body as a holistic system, connecting emotional issues with physical symptoms and treating them using acupressure points, diet, and energy flow exercises.

During this evening we will cover the reason why we crave the sweet stuff and what we can do using food, acupressure points and energy flow exercises to address the root cause and the symptom

  • causes of sweet cravings
  • healthy food alternatives
  • acupressure points that reduce the desire

If that is something that interests you join us online – if you can’t make it or something comes up I can send you the recording so that you don’t miss a thing.

Don’t forget if you are a member of the Chi Flow with Jo – High Flying Energy Club this talk is free with your monthly subscription, plus access to the recordings of past evening health talks, self-shiatsu, chi gong, and cooking demonstrations.  Only €20 pm why not upgrade and get the extra’s