Seaweed in My Kitchen


  • Do you want to learn about the medicinal benefits of seaweeds and how to use them in everyday cooking to boost health?
  • Are you a health professional who want to help patients/ clients / family members improve their health by using seaweeds in their regular diet?

This introductory evening is for you. Powerfully nutritious, sustainable and available – for many centuries seaweeds’ medicinal powers have seeped into folklore and our culture.  I specialize in the energy of food in Traditional Chinese Medicine and I will be explaining in the live zoom cooking class exactly how this wonderfully abundant, environmentally friendly protein source build bones, balances hormones, boosts metabolism and improve detox

I eat seaweed every day, whether sprinkled on eggs or avocado or larger flakes added to stews and rice as they cook. Join me in my kitchen via zoom on December 14th @7pm where I’ll be sharing lots of seaweed recipes live from my kitchen, including:

  • Spelt & seaweed bread
  • Miso soup with Wakame
  • Dillisk and Cucumber
  • Crispy Kale & Nori with Sesame Seed sprinkles