Let Go, Make Space Retreat


The natural Autumnal process of letting go can weaken the function of the Lung and Large Intestine organs, impacting

  • energy levels,
  • emotional moods,
  • inflammation responses,
  • smooth digestion
  • physical skin.

During this weekend we will learn to embrace the inevitable loss through the cycle of life which leaves space for the new seeds to germinate and grow in the spring.

We will use ancient techniques of Food Medicine, Qi Gong Energy Exercises, Self Shiatsu Acupressure, Ritual & Mantra to heal physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the body.

Letting go allows space, when we allow this space instead of filling it, we will experience deep peace and a sense of coming home to ourselves.

Retreat Cost includes all food, accommodation and tuition = €395

(Deposit €95 paid now, the rest to be paid on arrival)