Healing Sounds & Inner Smile


Each of the organs has a certain vibration, sound and emotion. We will learn and practice each sound bringing health and vitality to the internal organs, peace and relaxation to the mind.

It’s a great practice to do at the end of the day to release and delete, delete, delete any negative imprints, thought patterns and experiences we collect every day.

Bring your body, mind and soul back into health and alignment with this evening talk and guided practice.

Using the 6 healing sounds that relate to each organ and meridian system, you can calm the autonomic nervous system, revitalise the internal organs, and increase the flow of blood and Qi.
It is an amazing practice that helps clear the mind and prepare you for sleep or meditation. It also is great for regaining balance after any physical illness or emotional encounter.
It’s a fully live session with space for Q&A as I guide you through these practices.

The talk will be recorded and sent out if you cant make the Live event.
This talk is FREE for members of Chi Flow with Jo