Energy of Intimacy


NeoTantra awakens the energy of intimacy, an inner love affair taking place inside our bodies. Simple, yet extraordinary, the NeoTantra practices expand our capacity for closeness and increase our joy. Through these practices, we reconnect with the deeply loving awareness that has always existed within us. We open to our true capacity for love – which is endless.


You’re invited to join Dawn Cartwright for an experience that will change your relationship to love and intimacy forever. You’ll be guided through a series of practices designed to awaken your natural ecstatic response. You’ll experience NeoTantra practices for harnessing and channeling ecstatic energy. You’ll discover new ways to bring the love within you out into your life and relationships. You’ll create new inner pathways to receive love, to let love in. You’ll ignite the energy of intimacy in your body, your life and the world.
In this special LIVE evening event, with Q&A,
Session recorded if you can’t make the live.

This evening is free as part of the Chi Flow with Jo Membership or you can buy €15 tickets