Chi Flow with Jo Abundance Club


Members have donated funds to the Chi Flow with Jo Abundance Club so that anyone who wants to experience Daily Chi Gong, Monthly Health Talks, and Guided meditation but cannot afford the subscription can apply for the bursary and take a months trial month for free.  Currently, the fund stands at €125.00 and you may apply via the contact form below.  (For anyone wishing to donate to the Chi Flow Abundance Fund please contact me in the box below and I will send you the Paypal donation link).  Please understand that this is a limited amount of funds and we want to assist as many people as possible.  So feel into your abundance before you apply and ask – Do you need this support?

Eligibility: You must be available to attend Chi Gong every morning at 8.30 am – which means having a stable wifi connection and a device on which you can download zoom.  If you cannot attend every morning, recordings are sent to your email to practice anytime throughout the day.

We will not pry into your financial situation, we will let you be the judge of whether you can afford the €20 per month. We would ask that you send a message below in the contact box, why you would like a month’s trial of Chi Flow with Jo, and what you would stand to gain from it, physically and/or emotionally.  This also means we have the correct email to send you the link to join Chi Flow with Jo.

Don’t click the add to basket button as there is nothing to buy – this will be free for you for a month – beginning on the 1st and finishing on the last day.  Simply fill in the contact form and press submit.

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