WEDNESDAY 14th August 2024  @ 7.00pm (Irish time)

Recipes from my Kitchen

Imagine embarking on a culinary adventure where each meal you create is a step toward a healthier, more vibrant heart. Picture colorful, fragrant dishes infused with the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, each ingredient chosen not just for its flavor but for its healing properties.

Envision meals that nourish both your emotional and physical heart, boosting your mood while supporting cardiovascular health.

As you learn to craft these heart-healthy recipes, you’ll discover the joy of cooking with purpose, creating dishes that are as delicious as they are beneficial for your body mind and spirit.

There will be two courgette recipes and one raw cacao chocolate – all to benefit a healthy heart.

Courgettes have a cooling effect on the body, making them beneficial for reducing heat-related symptoms such as inflammation, fever, and excessive thirst. This cooling nature helps in balancing the body’s Yin and Yang, especially in hot climates or during the summer season.

Join us in this journey, where food becomes medicine, and every bite brings you closer to a balanced, harmonious life.


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