Online Courses

I will guide you to understand your body, take back control of your life

and feel well using Food as Medicine, Acupressure Points and Chi-Gong.  


All courses include €152 of added extras:

Online Shiatsu worth €95

Book Bundle sent to your door worth €37

One month free access to Chi Flow with Jo worth €20

Live Q&A everyday so Im always here if you get stuck or need regular coaching support

Over 30 videos per course explaining and demonstrating food medicine, Chi Gong and Self Shiatsu Acupressure.


Good Food: Better Sex


Learn the Five Elements of Food in Traditional Chinese Medicine


Stopping Sweet Cravings


Reduce Pain, Increase Energy Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue


Sail through Menopause & Peri Menopause


Chi Flow with Jo

€20.00/ month  

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ― Hippocrates

Plants and food provides some of our most valuable medicine!

Become a part of the growing movement that takes a central role in their own health and wellbeing. With this course you gain increased self-reliance and understanding of your own personal health. Based on the ancient system of Traditional Chinese Medicine you will discover this practical mode of healing and how you can incorporate food as medicine into your life for optimum health.

In just 30 days learn to use Food as Medicine – which can change your body, change your life.

It’s simple, it’s easy with support and love, make the change, take the course

Every day for 30 days receive a video lesson sent straight to your inbox. All the courses can be completed in the comfort of your own home. It’s as easy as watching the TV or listening to the radio. There are regular live Q&A sessions you can attend and my 1-1 support is designed to bring care in a unique and individual way so that you can make changes, alleviate stress, pain, emotional discomfort and physical symptoms in a way that suits you. You have lifetime access to the courses so you can take as long as you like. If you missed an ingredient, you can replay the videos at anytime, using the course as an ongoing reference.
The closed facebook group provides a constant opportunity for you to learn, connect and share personal stories, recipes and experiences.

With over 20 years experience of working with Shiatsu & food I am passionate about helping you use food as medicine to love your food, love your body and love your life. I use it everyday and in my early 50’s I have yet to enter menopause. Perhaps like you, I have had my share of physical and emotional challenges but have used the ancient Five Element System of Chinese Medicine to guide my way to health and happiness. You are guaranteed to have my support all along the way, getting answers to your questions and finding ways to love your life more.

4 great reasons to take the course

1. By understanding the body as a whole system in Traditional Chinese Medicine we can understand why certain emotions and conditions create cravings and desires for certain foods. Find out what recipe suits you today by answering 2 simple questions, click

2. Find out, what to eat to help you sleep, reduce night sweats, build strong bones, balance hormones, reduce pain, blood sugars and cholesterol. Lower high blood pressure, increase libido and remain calm in stress-full situations so you can live a long happy healthy love filled life.

3. The recipes for health and healing involve everyday ingredients found in your kitchen and can be as easy as making a cup of tea. 

4. This course will help you tune into your body, translating your emotions, cravings and desires telling you what is going on inside your body, giving you what you need and loving yourself completely. Tuning in to what your body is asking for and incorporating healthy food into your everyday life is what these courses are all about.

Disclaimer: These courses are for those who wish to increase overall health and well being through food. It is not intended to replace conventional medicine rather it is intended to compliment and increase understanding of the body and mind.

It’s online so you can save time getting to a class. Everything is documented in slides and they and the live lesson recordings are shared. All of the content is available indefinitely. Content is excellent and gives you lots of tools to use.

Clare, Online Course Participant

I really enjoyed all the tastes and wisdom… I find your work very interesting and explains many things I half knew before without understanding… Thanks

– Chrissie