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Let’s be honest – women don’t have it easy. All through our lives we have to manage a hormonal cycle with fluctuating moods and physical symptoms, whilst still managing a career, raising a family and pushing a glass ceiling in the workplace.

As you enter peri menopause and menopause the hormonal symptoms can amplify but you need to know you are not alone and it doesn’t have to be this way.  Traditional Chinese Medicine with its powerful acupressure points, food medicine and energy exercises can help you navigate hormonal changes and smooth your way through menopause.  I know I’ve been there, but not any more. 

I am 52 and master of my menopause symptoms – but it wasn’t always that way…….

Maybe you are as confused, frightened and frustrated by your Peri / Mid or Post menopause symptoms as I was, if so then join me for my Masterclass on Menopause Mastery.  I’ll be answering your questions such as

  • Why cant I fall asleep after I drag my tired body through the day?

  • How can I clear my brain fog and think clearly with good recall?

  • Why do I feel so jittery and nervous for no reason?

  • How can I stop the hot flushes interfering with my work?

  • Why do I feel dry from the inside out?

There are thousands and thousands of women around the world who breeze through their menopause transition and DON’T experience sleepless nights, anxiety, weight gain (or weight loss), sore joints, heart palpitations and depression that others experience.  Why not you?

The masterclass is 1 hour long with space for you to tell me your symptoms and ask all your questions


Save the Date: Tuesday 25th May @19.30 Dublin Time


Menopause Masterclass








In the Masterclass, I look forward to sharing wonderfully simple

  • acupressure points to aid sleep

  • food medicine to calm the heart and reduce anxiety

  • breathing technique to reduce cortisol, balance hormones and aid digestion.

Traditional Chinese Medicine can help you flow your way through the natural process of menopause.

Menopause is a natural part of our life-stage, NOT an illness that needs to be ‘treated’.  Using my tips and practices you can embrace and say yes to this new and healthy stage of life? 

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There are no two women the same – There are no two solutions the same

Here’s what some women had to say …..

Gentle & powerful.  Joanne has a great energy & a world of knowledge. Feeling the benefits physically & mentally already. Highly recommended. Eithne

I would highly recommend Joanne. She is fabulous. I love what she does. She integrates treatment, food, lifestyle, relaxation and self-care. You can get a jack of all trades but unless you find someone who can integrate treatment modalities into a coherent whole, you will only get a piece-meal, scatter gun approach to any health problem. She is whole-istic with a big W – Veronica

When I started the month my resting heart rate was 70bpm. My blood pressure at times was up to 196 ( scary). After the month, my resting heart rate is 56 which puts me in the athlete bracket. I’m so delighted with the improvements in my health – Deidre

So simple, but so effective!! – Lisa

Does your anxiety mean you find it difficult to get to sleep, or depressed mood mean you feel you haven’t slept or for no reason at all you wake in the early morning falling back to sleep just when the alarm goes.

Hormones such as Oestrogen, progesterone, thyroid and adrenaline are all involved in regulating cellular energy in the body which when compromised can lead to a cycle of fatigue and broken sleep. Combining Food Medicine, Powerful Acupressure and Energy Chi Gong helps balance all these hormones, enhancing the joy and flow of your life.

Start your journey understanding and communicating with your body.

There’s great information out there about menopause, what to eat, what supplements to take for adrenal fatigue, low libido, hot flashes but you have to wade through quizzes, handouts, powerpoints, downloads, cheat sheets, shopping lists – it can be overwhelming, sorting through the masses of information, until you are so confused you cant remember whether you should put the cream on your skin or eat it.   You need to know what applies to you and what you can leave behind. There are no two people the same, no two menopauses are the same and so there are no standard or duplicate solutions.  Working with me is about you and only you ……. and you’re worth it.

It’s online so you can save time getting to a class. Everything is documented in slides and they and the live lesson recordings are shared. All of the content is available indefinitely. Content is excellent and gives you lots of tools to use.

Clare, Online Course Participant

I really enjoyed all the tastes and wisdom… I find your work very interesting and explains many things I half knew before without understanding… Thanks

– Chrissie

I decided I would like to learn information about dealing with my painful body. Jo actually explains what is going on in the body as a whole.  I am very happy more than happy actually 


“I decided I would like to learn information about dealing with my painful body. Jo actually explains what is going on in the body as a whole.  I am very happy – more than happy actually “


She takes you thorough the consultation listening to you carefully, she communicates clearly about how the treatment works.  I just love her calming caring energy! I felt really safe in her presence, like she was really looking after me.   Jo has so much experience and knowledge and most of all heart! I’d one million per cent recommend Joanne!

– Grace

The eating better is sticking & can see this being a long term thing, now lost a stone since we started. 

– Nikki