Joanne Faulkner

Good Food: Better Sex

A guide to Intimacy and Love using Traditional Chinese Medicine and food

Good Food: Better Sex

guides you from the kitchen table to the bedroom with over 100 delicious recipes, erotic poetry, beautiful paintings, practical heartfelt advice and healthy, safe, sexual exercises.


“delve into Faulkner’s interpretations of why we crave certain foods, and what eating them might do to us….. according to Faulkner, oats build sexual energy. Throw a few walnuts into her baked-porridge recipe and you’re helping to prevent premature ejaculation too, she suggests.”

This is a book like no other. It combines modern food with ancient medicine, Taoism and Tantric practices, showing you how to take a central role in your own sexual health, pleasure and well-being. This book is for everybody, young and old, male and female, single, couple or polyamourous. If you want to gain increased understanding of your own body, health and pleasure, this book is for you.

The quick reference shows you recipes and acupressure points that relate to specific conditions such as erectile dysfunction, low libido, vaginal dryness, premature ejaculation, post-baby blues as well as the obvious aphrodisiac and viagra effect recipes. You can then delve deeper into the Tantric and Taoist practices or you can simply use it as a delicious, accessible, health-focused cookbook.

Use this book to:

Assess and remedy sexual problems using food as medicine

Understand, activate and enhance your sexual energy

Deepen intimacy, pleasure and love connection with yourself and others

About Joanne Faulkner

Joanne, with her unique and extensive understanding of Chinese Medicine, makes the ancient system of Yin Yang with connected flavours, seasons, emotions and organs seem simple. Many systems borrow from this tradition; with Joanne you understand the foundation.

“On a personal note, I wanted to write a book about emotional, physical and spiritual love. Over six years, it has been, a true labour of love to gather the recipes, paintings and poetry to put together in a book, that I could hold in my hand and would make my heart sing. The writing of the Good Food: Better Sex has enhanced my experience of true love and ecstasy in ways I did not expect. I wish that this book loves you in the same way it has loved and healed me.”

“In my life, perhaps like you, I have experienced heartbreak, panic attacks, sexual abuse, low libido, hormonal spins and hot flushes of peri-menopause but I am alive and very well without medication or trips to the doctor. Now in my 50s, I have yet to enter menopause and my sexual energy is better than ever. I put it down to using Food As Medicine and the Five Elements System of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s simple and I share here how to use it every day to stay healthy and in love.”

What people are saying about her books:

“Highly recommend this book for people who are conscious about their health and like tasty food.”

John Doherty

“This is a pure labour of love. I absolutely adore it! It is well worth getting a copy. Its much more than a cookbook. I have a copy for myself and have ordered copies for friends.”


“This is a treasure of a book. Combining healthy eating recipes gorgeous pictures of food and original artwork.”

Anne Nightingale

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