Joanne Faulkner

Let’s be honest – women don’t have it easy.

All through our lives we have to manage a hormonal cycle with fluctuating moods and physical symptoms, whilst still managing a career, raising a family and pushing a glass ceiling in the workplace.

There’s great information out there about intermittent fasting, so much so it can be overwhelming, sorting through the masses of information, until you are so confused you can’t remember whether you should put the cream on your skin or eat it.

Fasting over 40 is unique – using the principles of Chinese Medicine, its five element system and the Time Clock, you will find a gentle and easy way to get fit and healthy without making your body suffer.

Traditional Chinese Medicine with its powerful acupressure points, food medicine and energy exercises can help you navigate changes and smooth your way through changing up your eating habits, improving your resting heart beat and metabolic rate.

I look forward to sharing these wonderfully simple Chinese Medicine practices that have helped me and thousands of women to calm their heart, aid restful sleep, reduce anxiety, balance hormones and flow your way through the natural process of ageing.


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There are no two women the same.
There are no two solutions the same.

Here’s what some women had to say …..

Gentle & powerful.  Joanne has a great energy & a world of knowledge. Feeling the benefits physically & mentally already. Highly recommended.

– Eithne

I would highly recommend Joanne. She is fabulous. I love what she does. She integrates treatment, food, lifestyle, relaxation and self-care. You can get a jack of all trades but unless you find someone who can integrate treatment modalities into a coherent whole, you will only get a piece-meal, scatter gun approach to any health problem. She is whole-istic with a big W

– Veronica

When I started the month my resting heart rate was 70bpm. My blood pressure at times was up to 196 ( scary). After the month, my resting heart rate is 56 which puts me in the athlete bracket. I’m so delighted with the improvements in my health


So simple, but so effective!!


Are you …..

The queen of stripping; taking off layer after layer with skill and speed when a hot flush overcomes you?

Too exhausted to do anything, but when your head hits the pillow, finding it impossible to sleep?

A supplement junkie; trying everything to thicken hair, reduce hot flushes, help you sleep, stop your joint pain… but nothing works long term?

Too nervous to go out because anxiety and heart palpitations appear out of nowhere?

Slowly gaining weight around your middle but your arms and legs stay skinny?

You know this isn’t normal; that there is something wrong.  You’ve gone to the doctor multiple times, undergone tests, been handed prescriptions but nothing seems to help and you just want to know WHY you feel so bad.  We often are told that’s just the way it is as women age. That we have to accept these symptoms as a part of ageing.


But it doesn’t have to be this way!


There are many ways we can work together. From recipes designed specifically to balance women’s health issues to session notes and bespoke lifestyle recommendations including self-shiatsu acupressure routines and Chi Gong female energy flow exercises, recorded just for you – you can have it all, when you invest in this path and work with me. Click on your preferred link below to learn more.


Live Chi Gong classes every weekday morning to energise. Monthly evening talks and Satsang.

Access to our members’ video library full of Self Shiatsu Sequences and Chi Flows. 

Only €2 per day


With my specialised one-to-one reconnect sessions, we can learn together what is at the root of your symptoms and how to fix them. You can feel well, full of energy, joy and with a passion for life by taking small steps with diet and lifestyle changes.


Choose the course that suits you online.

There are regular live Q&A sessions you can attend and individual support  designed to help you to make positive changes, alleviate stress, pain, emotional discomfort and physical symptoms.


Shiatsu is a good way to prevent health problems. It works with the body’s autonomic nervous system. Treatments are an extremely relaxing and enjoyable experience; releasing tensions and supporting the body as it detoxes, transforms and regenerates



Relax and unwind at a Weekend or Day Retreat with a difference.

  • Conscious Cooking classes Amazing Vegetarian food
  • Qi Gong classes
  • Self Shiatsu sessions
  • Meditation & Mantra


Arrange a cookery demonstration, keynote speech or a tailored staff event. 

  • Learn about healthy eating for all life stages,
  • Cookery demonstration
  • Recipes & handouts


Have you ever wanted all the answers…

  • What will stop this headache?
  • Why can’t I fall sleep?
  • Why do I crave chocolate?

If you are part of a group or wellness event, contact me to speak or to give a demonstration of Food As Medicine..


The path to health is clear but it can be difficult to walk alone, especially if you balance a family, career and everything else life throws at you. Adding “one more thing” can be overwhelming especially if you are given too much information and you are not sure where to start. This can mean you go back to old habits, sticking with the devil you know. 

Falling back into quick snacks, too tired to move off the sofa, too defeated to think that anything can change.

But your body is not outside your control. With my specialised support, we can understand what is at the root of wreaking havoc with your body and how we can fix it.