Chi Flow with Jo – The High Flying Energy Club

This unique health club was born out of lockdown where I shared Chi Gong routines, Self Shiatsu, and Traditional Chinese Medicine tips on Facebook live. Now we have a secure platform where we practice live morning Chi Gong and I send out the recordings so if you miss a morning or want to practice again, it’s easy.

You can feel good every morning, joining with a like-minded community who want to start the day right with a healthy body and a healthy mind.  If this is you, then JOIN US. 

What is special about this club is that five mornings a week classes are live.
After the live class, there is space to share your experience or ask questions. I discuss Chinese medicine, Diet, and Acupressure points and give individual assistance if needed.  We journey together, stretching, flexing, and flowing our energy so that we are ready for each day, every day.
Being in connection with your body every morning will help you to feel well, energize, balanced, and peaceful,
From a Chinese Medicine point of view, Chi Gong PREVENTS sickness and diseases BEFORE they happen.

Live Interaction
Weekday Live Chi Gong and/or Makka-Ho Stretches @ 8.30 am Monday to Friday. These are recorded and sent out to you so if you miss it you can catch-up at any time
Monthly live talks on various topics to Reducing Joint Pain, Managing Menopause, Stopping Sweet Cravings. All sessions are live and interactive. Recordings of these talks are sent to you and stored in the library so you can watch as many times as you like
Monthly Live Satsangs – Learn simple meditations and mantras together in a group. This is a space to share experiences and ask questions

Access your video library
A range of pre-recorded videos with Chi Gong flows and Makka-Ho stretches for organs/meridians balancing energy, and health
Follow self-shiatsu sequences for insomnia, reducing pain and raising energy
Watch Conscious Cooking videos demonstrating food as medicine based on the 5 element system of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Guided meditations and mantras

A subscription gives you a 10% discount to any of the online courses
Taking Online Courses gives you one month access to the Health Club

Price: Starting at €20/ month


Joanne, with her unique and extensive understanding of Chinese Medicine, explains this traditional approach to healing with food by using everyday ingredients in the modern kitchen. She makes the ancient system of Yin Yang with connected flavours, seasons, emotions and organs seem simple. Many systems borrow from this tradition, with Joanne you understand the foundation. Read More