30 days to Stop Sweet Cravings

5 students

All courses include €185 of added extras:

Online Shiatsu worth €95

Book Bundle sent to your door worth €45

One month free access to Chi Flow with Jo worth €40

Live Q&A everyday so Im always here if you get stuck or need regular coaching support

Over 30 videos per course explaining and demonstrating food medicine, Chi Gong and Self Shiatsu Acupressure

Members of Chi Flow with Jo, add discount code “Chi Flow Courses” for 20% discount 

If you are stuck in a cycle of sweet cravings or perhaps your energy is bouncing from sugar highs to exhausted lows or perhaps you want to understand the emotional aspect of food, then this is the course for you.

Over 30 videos with recipes, self-shiatsu and energy exercises making the change to better health easy.
Learn to manage your sugars with healthy alternatives and you will reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Making conscious, delicious choices about the food we eat means we love life and we love ourselves.

Includes a private online consultation so that this course works for you and your specific needs.  

Ensuring your life is balanced, healthy and happy, full of High Flying Energy.