30 Days to Good Food: Better Health

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All courses include €164 of added extras:

Online Shiatsu worth €95

Book Bundle sent to your door worth €37- €45

One month free access to Chi Flow with Jo worth €20

Live Q&A everyday so Im always here if you get stuck or need regular coaching support

Over 30 videos per course explaining and demonstrating food medicine, Chi Gong and Self Shiatsu Acupressure

Members of Chi Flow with Jo, add discount code “Chi Flow” for 20% discount 

Use this course to assess and remedy sexual problems using food as medicine. It will help you understand, activate and enhance your sexual energy, deepening intimacy, pleasure and love for yourself and with others.
Sexual energy can be used for much more than the act of sex, we can use it to strengthen our body, reduce pain, increase longevity and bring passionate pleasure to all areas of our life. All this we can develop through creating delicious dishes of food for the table.

I listen and together we create a course that suits your individual needs, creating new recipes and videos where appropriate

Lessons include

  • Barley water to alkalize the urinary system reducing painful urination, UTIs, cystitis and improving prostate health.
  • Bone broth to improve and build sexual energy
  • Breast Massage to improve flow and energy
  • Loaded sweet potatoes to improve blood flow for better lubrication and erectile function
  • Acupressure points to reduce menopause symptoms of hot flashes and insomnia

Use this simple online video course that covers every aspect of sexual health using delicious medicinal food, acupressure points, exercise routines and Traditional Chinese Medicine.



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