Feeling sluggish – like your Mojo’s gone?
Painful or stiff joints?
Feeling off track, not plugged into joy and your higher purpose?
Poor digestion? Brain fog?










Discover the transformative power of Chi Flow with Jo, designed to help you reconnect with and better understand your body as you age.

Our gentle yet effective approach focuses on increasing and circulating energy throughout your body, leading to improvements in circulation, sleep quality, mobility, inflammation, digestion, mood, and more.

With our daily live Qi Gong classes, online health talks, guidance on 5 Element foods, and a vibrant online community, you’ll have the tools and support you need to thrive.

Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can practice with us wherever you are.

Join us on this journey to holistic well-being and vitality at any stage of life.

Ideal for all ages and fitness levels, this gentle movement meditation gets your energy flowing – a great start to your day!




‘MOVING ENERGY, MOVING BLOOD – An Introduction to Shiatsu’

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Chi Flow with Jo creates a strong community  where you connect with others, your own inner spirit and life force energy every day. Whether a beginner or a practitioner wanting to go deeper, you can develop an understanding and connection with life force energy.

Your Chi Flow is a rolling subscription for only €39/month for the first three months, then we HALVE your subscription to only €20/month to support your continuing practice, that’s less than €1 per class!

Boost Energy, Digestion, Blood Circulation & Reduce Pain, Inflammation and Anxiety!

For the month of July in Chi Flow with Jo we are going to be covering Shibashi 18 Harmonising Movements, Qi Gong, Acupressure and Chinese Medicine that can help you reduce pain and inflammation, improve blood circulation and reduce anxiety.

Suitable to people of all ages and ability, Shibashi 18 Qi Gong is a series of gentle movements that work in harmony to strengthen the kidney and improve conditions affecting the lungs. It promotes blood flow and boosts stamina, supporting weight loss and relieving pain and stiffness.

We will work together through stretching and releasing to cultivate mindfulness, relaxation, and focus, all of which are beautifully translated from our practice into everyday life: better mobility, less anxiety, sound sleep!

Chi Flow can help to:

☯ Increase blood circulation
Oxygenate the muscles
Exercise the cardiovascular system
Relieve stress and tension

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Doors open for Chi Flow with Jo


From 27th June to 1st July 2024

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What you get with your subscription

Live Qi Gong and Makka-Ho classes

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Every weekday morning at 8.30 am – practice routines that use movement, breath, acupressure points, and mental intention to balance and harmonize the flow of Chi in the body.

8.20am: Silent Meditation (optional)

8.30am: Chi Flow practice

9.00am: Live Chat Q&A

10.30am: The daily recording is emailed together with TCM acupressure, food and energy recommendations.

Online Talks

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Online evening talks on various topics such as reducing pain, how to interpret and treat your body, managing menopause, stopping sweet cravings, flowing through stress and how to stay young. Talks include a variety of self-shiatsu points, dietary advice, recipe demonstrations and 5 element theory. All sessions are live and interactive with space for questions and answers for your specific needs, and recordings are emailed afterwards so you can watch at any time

Live Satsangs

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Satsang is a word which comes from Sanskrit, meaning ‘to be in the company of true people’. In this space, we will practice meditations and mantras together for half an hour and then listen to short teaching from a variety of speakers including Abraham Hicks, Mooji and Byron Katie.

This is a space to share experiences and ask questions. A state of unity and love can arise when we come together as a group practicing selfless emotions.

Knowledge Base Video Library

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As part of your Chi Flow with Jo membership, you get access to the members' pre-recorded Video Library which includes:

- Pre Recorded Chi Gong Flows
- Self Shiatsu instructional videos
- Conscious Cooking Demonstration videos
- Mantras & Meditation
- Past Mid-monthly health talks on topics such as Feng Shui, Intermittent Fasting, Bone Building, Stopping Sweet Cravings, Tantra, Insomnia and Gut Health.


Here are a few common questions asked about Chi Flow.  If you don't find your answer below, email us at joanne@joannefaulkner.ie and we'd be happy to help!

What is Chi Flow with Jo?

Chi Flow with Jo is an online community of women who practice Qi Gong every weekday morning, connecting with each other and their own life force energy.  

It sets you up for the day physically, mentally and spiritually so that you are not blown about by the stress and emotions throughout the day.

We do this with a daily online Qi Gong class, plus diet advice and acupressure that can help you stay physically fit and flexible, boosting metabolism, balancing hormones, increasing energy and bone density.

Mentally it improves cognition and clear thinking whilst emotionally, calming the mind, reducing anxiety and isolation.

How much does Chi Flow cost?

Your Chi Flow is a rolling subscription for only €39/month for the first three months, then we HALVE your subscription to only €20/month to support your continuing practice, that’s less than €1 per class!   As the subscription rolls over each month, unless you cancel, you don't have to do anything further to continue Chi Flow!

What do I get with my subscription?

♥Live online classes of Qigong with replay emailed direct to you together with TCM tip of the day which includes acupressure and dietary advice and recipes

♥Monthly Masterclass with deep-dive into topics such as Gut Health, Insomnia, Feng Shui, and Losing Weight

♥Members Library with over 100 videos of Qi Gong classes, past masterclasses, recipe demonstrations for the organs, meditations, mantras and more.

♥Community is at the heart of Chi Flow with Jo. Every morning after the Live Class, Jo is live with all the women to answer questions and to hold space whilst women connect.

♥This daily sharing inspires, keeps each other accountable and sets us up for the day ahead, knowing there is a strong community at our back

♥This ongoing support directly from Joanne and the shared experience from the wider group in our private community membership space makes Chi Flow special

When is the live Qi Gong class?

The live qi gong classes take place at 8.30am (Irish time) every weekday morning (apart from Irish bank holidays).

Optional meditation is at 8.20am.

How do I join Chi Flow with Jo?

Click here: https://joannefaulkner.ie/chi-flow-with-jo/

Doors open to join Chi Flow for one week at the end of each month.

You can sign up for the Waitlist or a FREE class, and you will be notified by email when doors open.

What happens when I join Chi Flow?

You receive a welcome email when you join Chi Flow, explaining the process.

You will receive emails with your live class links, dates for your diary and other useful information.

What is the Google Doc?

The Google Doc is where you find all your Zoom links, recordings of the past 7 days' qi gong classes, the Mid Monthly Health Talk link/recording, access to the Members Library and Chi Flow members map, and a Video Vault, consisting of Joanne's cherry-picked videos  for that month.

The Google Doc is emailed to members on the last day of the month (or when you sign up for Chi Flow).

How do I access the Members Library?

At the top of the Google Doc, there is a link to the Members Library with the PIN to access.

This changes every month as does the Google Doc.

What if I'm too busy/not able to attend the live classes?

Don’t worry!  Lots of our members worldwide practice with the daily recordings if their time zones don’t suit our live class. 

Do as much or as little as suits you.  Drop in and drop out, the class recordings are available for 7 days and you have full access to the Members Library with 100’s of practice flows are always there for you.

What is the Energy of the Month?

Each month we take a specific topic and deep dive into the Qi gong, recipes and acupoints to benefit that topic, such as healthy heart, bone building, boosting metabolism and balancing hormones.  

We repeat and build up the moves over the month creating a new and unique sequence that flows.  

In the first class of each month we begin the new moves.

What if Chi Flow isn't for me?

That’s ok, we won’t take it personally!

In the event that you wish to cancel, it’s a simple process.

Chi Flow with Jo is a rolling subscription, which means that you are charged on the same day each month until you cancel your subscription via your member account (or if you email us we can do it for you).

“Thanks Jo and everyone for your support. My relationship with food has changed. I've found my old love of wholefood eating, which has kick-started me cooking again (just has spelt and buckwheat scones with Greek yoghurt and apple & mixed-berry 'jam') Oh, and I've lost 7lbs. Brilliant!”

-Pam Gould

“This has been such an amazing experience . I feel lighter and healthier and even though I couldn't make too many of the live chi sessions I still felt part of the community which was a huge support. Thanks Jo for giving so much of your time and knowledge 🙏. I'm excited to see where the journey goes”

-Gilian Byrne

"So much gratitude to you and everyone,loved the 6 weeks and feeling lighter and much more conscious of the food I eat 🙏🙏🙏🦋"

-Margaret Carroll

"I’m really enjoying the practice and I’ve noticed that my abdomen isn’t bloated all the time since doing the chi gong regularly and this has been a problem for around 40 yrs . I think Jo is an amazing teacher, really excellent at explaining the meridian system in a really accessible way."

-Ruth Lander

"Jo has helped me over a number of years. her knowledge and skills are second to none. She has eased severe Torticollis many years ago. She also has supported my system through recommended diet and shiatsu after Gall Bladder removal. A session with Jo is an escape from the madness of day to day life. It allows my body a chance to relax and recover. "

-Jen Crawford

"I love joining Jo in this daily practice. I feel so much better when I start the day with chi flow with Jo."

-Mary Lovett

"Joined Joanne’s Flow with Jo group this month & what a find! I’ve loved the Chi flow each morning. It’s gentle & powerful & Joanne has a great energy & a world of knowledge. Feeling the benefits physically & mentally already. Highly recommend"

-Eithne McVerry

"I've been doing chi flow with Jo for 10 months now and it's become an important part of my day. Every month is different with a new theme and movements. Jo is a great teacher explaining everything clearly in the class, answering our questions in the live chat after the session and sending out daily emails with more detail and diagrams to elaborate and clarify different points. Jo's enthusiasm for Qi Gong and its benefits is contagious. Come to a free class and try it. You won't regret it!"

-Barbara Yeme

"Really pleased that I have joined Chi Flo with Jo so many benefits for mind, body & soul I love that Jo guides us through the movements and it is at our own pace. Having the class recorded means I can catch up later if I miss the morning session and then Tip of the day is always interesting. I have recommended joining the Chi Flo community to my friends"

-Jill Sandvoss

"I am so surprised how much I can connect with myself, the worldwide group and Joanne over Zoom! I didn't think I would enjoy or stick with it because it is online, but in her easy style, she packs loads of instruction, information and positivity into the 30 minute session AND stays on for questions each day! Her emails are easy to digest and offer loads more like tips, recipes, TMC images and FAQs. Have recommended this to my sisters and loads of friends to try the last day of the month for free to see if it's for you. I feel better after the class and more importantly, I feel better mentally because I feel connected to myself, the group and the world."

-Megan McGrath

Chi Flow can help you

Qi gong is often translated as “energy cultivation”. The Makko Ho exercises are useful to tonify each of the 6 pairs of meridians. Doing them regularly helps to improve vital functions and prevent disease.

Firstly Feel your Chi using breath and being in the present, then move your Chi using acupressure points, flowing movements and body stretches.

Finally, Refine your Chi using visualization and focus. Maintain your Chi with this daily practice.

If you miss a session, don’t worry, they are recorded and you can watch them any time, anywhere and on any device.

 Terms & Conditions

Keycodes to access the Zoom room will be sent via email on the 1st of each month following the monthly subscription payment and Keycodes to access the Monthly Talks and Satsang will be sent via email the day before going live.

Subscription payments are taken from the date you joining and every month thereafter.  For example; 7th July joined – 7th August next payment and 7th of the month thereafter.  To receive a refund you must cancel at least 24 hours before your subscription is due to renew.

Ongoing membership will continue month to month unless and until you cancel your membership or we terminate it.  You must have internet access and provide a current, valid email address to use the service.  We will bill the monthly subscription fee to your Payment Method.  You must cancel your membership before it renews each month in order to avoid billing of the next month’s subscription fees to your Payment Method.  It is up to you to cancel your membership; otherwise you will continue to be billed on your Payment Method on a monthly basis for your membership fee until you cancel.

Your Chi Flow membership is for one person.  Your membership allows you ONLY to view and practice the classes.   The class recordings and the live classes are not allowed to be shared with anyone else.  Your subscription may be cancelled immediately if this occurs.

Billing Cycle. The subscription fee will be billed at the beginning of the paying portion of your subscription and each month thereafter unless and until you cancel your subscription. We automatically bill your Payment Method each month on the date you subscribed each month.  Payments are non-refundable and there are no refunds of credits for partially used periods.  You may cancel your membership at any time by email to Joanne or via the contact form on the website, and you will continue to have access to the service through to the end of your monthly billing period.


No content is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. You should always seek the advice and guidance of a qualified health provider before making any adjustment to any medication or treatment protocol you are currently using or stopping any medication or treatment protocol you are currently using.