Understanding Thyroid Issues and Brain Fog

As many of you may already know, brain fog and difficulty concentrating can occur during menopause. In Chinese medicine, this brain fog is typically attributed to poor stomach and spleen function.

Stomach and spleen are paired together and are a part of the Earth element.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), brain fog is often attributed to poor stomach and spleen function due to the fundamental role these organs play in digestion and the generation of energy (Qi) and blood.

The Role of the Stomach and Spleen in TCM

  1. Transformation and Transportation:
    • The stomach and spleen are considered the central organs of digestion in TCM. The stomach receives and breaks down food, while the spleen extracts the essential nutrients and transforms them into Qi and blood, which are then transported throughout the body.
  2. Source of Qi and Blood:
    • The spleen is responsible for producing Qi and blood from the nutrients extracted from food. This Qi and blood are vital for nourishing the body, including the brain.
  3. Mind and Spleen Connection:
    • The spleen is also linked to the mind (Yi) in TCM. Clear thinking, memory, and concentration are believed to be influenced by the health of the spleen. If the spleen is weak or dysfunctional, it can result in poor nourishment to the brain, leading to symptoms like brain fog.

Addressing Brain Fog in TCM

To alleviate brain fog, TCM practitioners focus on strengthening the stomach and spleen through various methods:

Dietary TherapyFind out more in my books

Consuming easily digestible foods that are warm and nourishing, avoiding cold and raw foods that can burden the spleen.  Plus using specific foods that strengthen the spleen and stomach, enhance digestion, and remove dampness and phlegm.

    Acupuncture and Acupressure:

    Stimulating specific points to boost spleen and stomach function, promote Qi and blood flow, and clear dampness.

    Qi Gong:

    Engaging in gentle exercises to enhance overall Qi circulation and support the digestive organs.

    How Poor Stomach and Spleen Function Leads to Brain Fog

    Understanding the connection between brain fog and the function of the stomach and spleen in TCM highlights the holistic approach of Chinese medicine, where maintaining balance and harmony within the body is key to overall health and mental clarity.




    The Earth element is from 7am-9am and 9am-11am according to the Chinese meridian clock.

    One of the best ways to make sure you are boosting your stomach and spleen function is to have a really protein-filled breakfast within those times.


    STOMACH 3: relaxes the tendons, regulates Qi and blood and relieves swelling and pain.

    STOMACH 2: benefits the eyes, clears heat, cleats the sinuses.

    Watch the full Ask Me Anything episode to see how I demonstrate connecting with these two points.


    While practising those points on the face can be beneficial to relieving brain fog, it is always important to remember to bring your energy back down to the lower dantian.


    In Chinese medicine we have 3 dantians:

    Upper in the head, Middle in the centre of the chest and Lower in the lower belly which is your power source.

    These are our 3 major energy centres. 

    The lower dantian is where we want to focus our energy and always return to. It has a lot to do with your sexual energy, your relationship to your lifeforce energy. Connect here and don’t be afraid to spend time in your lower belly around your sexual organs!


    Tune into this Ask Me Anything episode to learn more about connecting with your lower dantian, how to find it, and more about its importance to your body’s power seat.