Perfect Protein Filled, Gluten Free Pancakes

Perfect Protein Filled, Gluten Free Pancakes

Buckwheat is not wheat or grain as it sounds, but rather the triangular seed of the Fagopyrum Esculentum plant which is related to rhubarb.

In Chinese Medicine 5 element food medicine, Buckwheat is bitter in flavour therefore it has benefits for the heart.

In Western medicine, buckwheat slowly lowers blood sugars and is beneficial to reduce inflammation of the blood vessels. It contains rutin, a mineral that helps lower blood pressure.

Bitter foods work with the Heart energy and help the most for those suffering with menopause symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, anxiety, palpitations and insomnia. Foods with this flavour such as lettuce, chicory, kale, green tea, watercress and turnips operate as an internal air conditioner, because bitter foods, disperse heat.

When combined with Oats energy circulates whilst the nervous system and Shen (Spirit) remains calm. With a broad span of minerals, both ingredients support the kidney/bladder and build energy.

Oats with their slightly salty flavour bring warmth to the digestive system, helping to clear toxins, including cholesterol from the large intestine.

Gluten free pancakes can be difficult to make as it is the gluten in flour that gives pancakes their elasticity but the buckwheat is super stretchy without causing inflammation of the gut and blood vessels.

At the moment in Chi Flow with Jo there are over 350 of us Intermittent fasting, eating no refined carbs and no refined sugars until the end of February.  These pancakes have been my break-fast go to for the whole of the fast so far because they are slow release and full of fibre.  Try them and you will be hooked.  Doors will open again for “Menopause and Beyond” at the end of February – Sign up for a free class below

  • – 100g oats
  • – 100g buckwheat flour
  • – 350ml milk (almond and brown rice milk also works well)
  • – 1 egg
  • – Pinch of salt


Liquidize the oats, buckwheat flour, eggs, salt and milk so that it becomes a silky mixture.

In a large non-stick pan melt a nob of butter and coat the pan with it. Pour a ladleful (approx. 50ml) of the prepared pancake mixture onto the pan tilting it so that it covers the base with a thin coating. These are a crepe style pancake rather than thick American pancake.

When bubbles begin to form on the top of the batter in the pan, flip and cook for another couple of minutes. These are delicious with maple syrup and lemon juice but excel with a savoury filling. Try chopping a tomato, a couple of slices of hard cheese, grate a small clove of garlic and lots of flat-leaf parsley.

After you flip the pancake place the ingredients on one half of the crepe as it cooks so when it’s done simply fold over the pancake to form a half moon, slide it out of the pan and onto the plate.

This batter is easier to use when it is made the night before and left in the fridge to settle, simply whisk it to wake any sediment that is sitting at the bottom and add more water or milk if it has become too thick to pour.

If you’d like to learn more about the 5 element system of food in Chinese Medicine, why not join me on Wednesday 15th February for “Recipes in my Kitchen” where I will be demonstrating LIVE, four recipes to clear a stagnant liver and boost metabolism

  • – Golden Milk – a gentle comforting warming drink to support the spleen and stimulate the large intestine
  • – “Move the Qi” Japanese dish with Umeboshi Dressing to stimulate the liver and pack the intestines with probiotics
  • – Sprouted Alfalfa and mung bean Salad with Umeboshi paste to stimulate digestive enzymes
  • – Chilli Relish with almonds to help blood, digestion and joints flow with ease

Book your place and receive a recipe booklet so that you can follow along live and cook with me.

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