As we move into Autumn and probably the 2nd wave of COVID it’s important that we address the causes of a weak immune system and not just fix the virus by staying indoors away from every one, with a vaccine, or by wearing a mask when out and about. Whilst these are all solutions to treating the problem we also need to look at the cause and how viruses can take hold.

A weakened immune system in Traditional Chinese Medicine is often as a result of Chi Deficiency in the Lung and Large Intestine organs. Over-reactive immune systems that cause inflammation, allergies and allergic responses are often caused by an imbalance in the Spleen and Kidneys. Both can be caused by a poor diet, a hectic lifestyle, unresolved emotions or a genetic predisposition.

What Chi Gong, Acupressure and a 5 element diet do is to strengthen, tonify (bring energy to) and balance your system. You may notice improvements to other complaints that you didn’t realize where related to your immune system such as bad skin, joint pain, and fatigue. If you’re new to Chinese Medicine one of the key differences to Western Medicine is that it treats the cause as well as the symptom, which is why it’s a great complementary therapy. Even though it can treat symptoms such as colds, flu, eczema, diabetes, high blood pressure, as a practitioner I don’t ask you to stop taking medication or contradict your doctor’s advice. I help you to build up your system, addressing why these conditions occur not simply medicating signs of the illness.

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TCM Solution: Tapping into Lung 1 & 2 and all along the collar bone will stimulate the Lung channel. It brings energy (Chi) to the lungs and improves oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange. It relaxes the muscles throughout the upper torso resulting in an energized feeling with increase alertness whilst at the same time feeling calm.  You can do this exercise any time talking long, slow abdominal breathes. This prevents shallow breathing which we often do when stressed. Use it before meditating, beginning a yoga practice, or even on a mid-afternoon tea break

Locate Lung points by finding Lung 2 in the depression where the clavicle meets the deltoid muscle. The depression is easier to find when the arm and shoulder is flexed forward. Lung 1 is a thumb width below and slightly to the outside of the body from lung 2 and can be quite painful when pressed.

Gather your fingers together to make a “cranes beak” and begin by gently tapping these points with your gathered fingers. Tap for 30 seconds increasing the strength and tempo of the tapping as suits you.

Then begin to tap along the bottom of the collar bone towards the sternum and then down the outside of the sternum where the ribs meet the outside of the breast bone.

Start to tap on the sternum itself which will help activate the thymus gland and the production of T-cells. These special cells are one of the major components of an effective immune system. They directly kill infected host cells, activate other immune cells, and regulate the immune response.

Here’s a video that incorporates the tapping with a Chi Gong Move called “Rooster Spreading Feathers” 

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