Flying Solo at Valentines? – Recipes and Tips for a great night

Flying Solo at Valentines? – Recipes and Tips for a great night

I’ve spent many Valentine’s nights by myself and it’s possible they have been the most romantic.  I have taken myself off to the cinema, lit candles, taken bubble baths and listened to Beethoven’s moonlight sonata in Christchurch cathedral without a lover to rely on.  These have been glorious times and now in a relationship, I feel the pressure, as to what I can do to please another.  But when you are doing it solo, there is no one to please but yourself, so here I share a couple of tips and some events on how to spend a delicious, loving, sensual, tactile, Valentines all by yourself.

1.  Ask yourself how you are feeling and what you would like.

This is the place to start.  Treat yourself like your best friend and ask “how are you, how are you feeling?”  Are you feeling tired and exhausted and all you want to do is curl up with a good movie and have an early night, or are you bursting full of energy and want to go out dancing? If the former, perhaps it’s a quiet walk on the beach where there are only natural noises and your body can relax that you need.  Everything is acceptable and allowable even on Valentine’s Day.  The best relationships we have with people are when they listen, really listen without jumping in with their advice or opinion.  That is what love is.  So, ask yourself the questions, how am I feeling and what do I need, then listen to the answer without expectation of what you should be doing.  Allow yourself to do whatever you like, without judgment or self-criticism.

2.  What do you want to eat?

After you have asked yourself what you’d like to do, ask yourself what you’d like to eat.  Start with the flavour.  Is it sweet, salty or sour?  You can use the interactive quiz at to help you.  I would advise, keep it simple.  Pick an easy dish you can put together easily without the stress, that still looks and tastes beautiful.  In Chinese Medicine, the heart is feed through the eyes as well as the tongue, so make sure you present your dish well for yourself.  Think of the plate or bowl you will use.  What utensils will enter your mouth?  Do it all with attention and love, you deserve it.  I share here a recipe that is super easy and super tasty from my new cookbook, ‘Good Food: Better Sex – A Guide to Intimacy and Love using Traditional Chinese Medicine and Food’.  It’s one of my favourites for its simplicity, taste, colour and appearance. 

Exotic Strawberries – excerpt from the book ‘Good Food: Better Sex’

In Chinese Medicine, strawberries are named as the queen of fruits.  They are red in colour which benefits the heart and they nourish the kidneys and the Chi by cooling and bringing moisture to the body. Use strawberries as an aphrodisiac to get the juices flowing.  Perfect for those intimate whisperings as they moisten all mucous membranes, especially preventing dry mouth and throat.  Strawberries are high in the B-Vitamin, Folate and folic acid, which is recommended for women about to conceive or in the early stages of pregnancy, as it helps with the development of the baby’s brain, skull and spinal cord.

  • 400g thick natural Greek yogurt
  • 400g strawberries
  • 2 tbsp of agave syrup
  • 2 tsp rosewater (optional)
  • 3 tbsp honey
  • 75g chopped pistachio

Hull and quarter the strawberries leaving them to marinade in the agave and rosewater for 4 hours. Take ¼ of the soaked strawberries and mash with a fork.  Gently fold the mashed strawberries into the yogurt so that the pink ripples beautifully through the white. Scatter the remaining strawberries and pistachios over the furrowed yogurt and spoon lovingly into the mouth.


You are your best lover, you know what you like and you know what you don’t like.  If you don’t listen and give yourself what you want, how is anyone else going to?



 Here are some suggestions for a wonderful Solo Valentines 

Good Food: Better Sex – Book Launch

Have a Positive Valentine Night with Joanne Faulkner of Shiatsu Conscious Cooking and her new book ‘Good Food: Better Sex, A Guide to Intimacy and Love using Traditional Chinese Medicine and Food’. ❤️?

During this evening, Joanne will show you how to use the 5 elements of Traditional medicine to interpret your body’s symptoms and how to use the five flavours of food to treat emotional and physical conditions. She will discuss how the ancient art of using food as medicine can help you harness your powerful, creative sexual energy and direct it for better health and longevity. ?

More than just a cookbook, this is a journey with food providing the path back to love and acceptance for our sweet selves. We will discuss recipes that have sexual health benefits but more than that, we can learn how to empower and cherish ourselves with food. ?

7.30-9.30 on 13th February, Bewley’s Cafe, 78/79 Grafton Street, Dublin 2

Special price book offer on the night €20  and FREE CAKE 🙂

Click here to learn all about it!

POLLEN DANCE CLUB: This is an alcohol-free and drug-free event which makes it in some ways safer, as a woman, to go alone. Come along and feel the love on the dance floor and dance to the best upbeat, eclectic international music in town.  It offers a friendly, easy-going dance vibe at St. Kevin’s Community Centre, Dublin 8 where you can come and dance to your heart’s content in a fun, friendly environment.   Saturday 15th February 6 pm-10pm

VALENTINE’S DAY GUIDED WALK: Blooming Romance in the National Botanic Gardens, Dublin 9- An alternative Valentine’s Day activity to delight the senses! Discover the pagan roots of the day, Ancient Greek tales of metamorphoses, and the love lives of birds. Meet at the Education & Visitor Centre – €5 per person. Friday 14th & Saturday 15th February 3.00pm

VALENTINE’S PIANO RECITAL by Candlelight – St Patricks Cathederal  — Fri 14th Feb – 08:00 pm to 10:00 pm.  Use the link to get discount tickets   ——

Discount tickets click here


Sexual Energy in Chinese Medicine is used for DNA health and longevity.  It is the core of your being and Good Food: Better Sex takes you there with nourishment beauty and love.  Cherish yourself with this book – buy it here

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