What is Good Food for Better Sex?

What is Good Food for Better Sex?

What we eat and drink has a direct impact on how our body feels. There’s a distinctly different kind of energy after eating a roast dinner than after eating a green smoothie or a tomato and onion salad. In everyday life, we can all appreciate how different foods make us feel.

In Chinese Medicine, the connection between body and food is explained using the 5elements. These different components are listed as water, metal, earth, wood and fire link to the organs in the body. Each element is given a pair of organs, a time of year, a colour, an emotion, a sense, a body part and a flavour. In this way, it is possible to use the system to interpret a body’s symptoms and address the cause. It’s a language through which the body speaks. For example, using the diagram below as guidance, if you are experiencing hormonal problems, hearing issues, diminishing bone density or excessive fear and nervousness, this would point to a problem with the kidneys. Using salty foods and dark blue back foods such as seaweeds, which are high in calcium, magnesium and other minerals, can calm the nervous system and keep bones strong.

This is a short description explaining an ancient system that is over 3,000 years old. It can be intricate and complex but you can use it, very simply, to give you understanding and control over your own health, which always wants to return to wellness and balance.

In Good Food: Better Sex, I take common sexual problems and address them using the Five Elements and food. By making informed choices about the food you choose, it’s possible to change conditions such as erectile dysfunction, hot flushes of menopause, premature ejaculation, vaginal dryness and infertility.

But why just Better Sex? Why not Good Food: Great Sex, Fantastic Sex, or Out of This World Sex. It’s Better Sex because it’s a journey. There’s no final destination, no state of perfection, health and wellbeing. Our relationship with our body, our mind, the world and everything on it doesn’t arrive to an ideal state and just stay there, it constantly changes. Our emotions. our sexual energy and health fluctuate just like the Yin Yang on which Traditional Chinese Medicine is based. Sometimes we are active, creative and dynamic Yang and other times we are soft, receptive and quiet Yin. If you want to make changes, look at where you are, decide what you want and make the decisions as to what to eat to get there. Making conscious informed choices about your everyday food is a great, exciting place to begin the journey to a more juicy, passionate, heart-opening love in your life.

Sometimes the hurts we suffer in life can harden our hearts, but we always have a choice to soften and heal. I have found choosing supportive foods to be an empowering process that has helped my healing from destructive relationships and negative sexual experiences to a life full of love. In my life, perhaps like you, I have experienced heartbreak, panic attacks, sexual abuse, low libido, ice cream addiction, hormonal spins and hot flushes of peri-menopause but I am alive and very well without medication or trips to the doctor.

The Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a language that speaks to me and I have shared my interpretation of it in Good Food: Better Sex so that just like me you can experience greater passion, joy, health and love in your life.

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