I’m so excited… about Seaweed

I’m so excited… about Seaweed

Have you always wanted to know which seaweeds you can eat?
Would you like to learn how to eat this fantastic superfood every day?

Join me, Joanne Faulkner and David Millard Msc. on this wonderful, unique retreat that will recharge your batteries with this wonderful for the year ahead, Body Mind and Soul.

3, 4, 5 January 2020 – Bobbio Centre, Brittas Bay, Co Wicklow

With me, Joanne, you will use principles of Chinese Medicine and the 5 elements, to learn how and why seaweed benefits the body. Especially how it supports the nervous and hormonal system. Together we will learn to cook dishes such as

  • Seaweed Scones
  • Beetroot marmalade with Arame Seaweed
  • Dillisk with Cucumber
  • Miso soup with Wakame and Kelp Noodles
  • Lemon and Carageen dessert pots

With Davy, you will learn
 how to safely harvest seaweeds,
 which seaweeds you should be looking for and how to bring them home
 to use in the kitchen and the bathroom. Davy Millard Msc. is a Marine Biologist who works extensively with seaweed; helping people to set up seaweed businesses, assisting them to turn this abundant natural resource to their advantage.

Davy is also an Associate Trainer in Universal Healing Tao and together we will demonstrate restorative practices and Self Shiatsu techniques based in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This will help regenerate energy levels after a busy Christmas and prepare for the New Year ahead. We will begin each morning with gentle body Chi Gong exercises and self shiatsu plus there will be time during the day for guided reflective practices and walking meditations.

Recharge your batteries before the year begins – body, mind and soul.

What the retreat includes

  • 3 Restful & restorative days in the stunning grounds of the Bobbio Centre, Magheramore, Co Wicklow. Five minutes walk from a beautiful secluded beach
  • Learn to identify safe and useful Irish seaweeds on a guided shoreline walk. Plus how to prepare Seaweed for a bath at home – enjoy a Seaweed Hand Bath on one of the evenings
  • Conscious Cooking Classes incorporating many different types of seaweed in many dishes, sweet and savoury, all delicious
  • Delicious, healthy, fully catered vegetarian meals
  • Reflective Practices, Energy Exercises and Self Shiatsu to regain balance after a busy Christmas. What do you need to let go off and what do you need in your life for the year ahead?

The Science Bit

In Japan, Kombu, a type of seaweed, is traditionally cooked with beans to break them down and make them more digestible. All seaweeds have this property and it’s not just about softening beans. Within the body, they assist in the breakdown and digestion of food as well as dissolving bulges and bumps within the body such as goiters, cysts, breast lumps and lymph node swelling. I love eating seaweed every day in some form. It can be sprinkled into stews and after a little soaking, tossed into a stir fry. Sprinkling some dried seaweed on your food not only adds taste, texture and flavor to your meal, but it’s an easy way to boost your intake of vitamins and minerals.

In Chinese Medicine, seaweeds are considered cooling in nature. They bring Yin fluids to the body which help the hormonal and nervous system function. They aid digestion by ensuring the uptake of minerals from food and help toxins bind and leave the body. This detoxification benefits the liver, thyroid and blood.

Now you know the theory come and enjoy the practical benefits of this reflective, restorative retreat

Cost €375, (€50 discount per person if you come with a friend or family member)

Single rooms allocated first come first served basis at no extra cost Deposit €105 – Price includes all food, accommodation & tuition.

There are only a maximum of 14 participants and the single rooms are offered on a first-come, first-served basis at no extra cost.