I used to suffer from Panic Attacks but I kept it quiet. I felt a failure because I couldn’t cope. I could hardly stand in a queue in the supermarket without feeling the rising fear of panic and adrenaline rush up my spine. The terror as I gritted my teeth and forced myself not to let the emotions take over. I wasnt going to collapse as my head span and cold sweat covered my body…….. and I didnt but it was emotionally and physically draining. So I’ll give you some context. It all began when my twin boys were 3 and my youngest was 3 months old. I was a single mum who had just lost her small business. I was driving back on the motorway from a kids party an hour from my house. In the fast lane overtaking, with the three kids strapped into the back seats of the car, the world began to spin and my vision went black. I dont know how I managed to drive but on a Sunday afternoon the road wasnt busy and I made it over to the hardshoulder. I sat in the car trying to breath, trying to calm myself. The kids were fast asleep and that helped. When I managed to calm my breath the trembling and the tears began. I felt so alone, I felt I had no one to call to come and help me, support me, drive me home, so I sat on the hard shoulder sobbing, then driving at a snails pace in the slow lane all the way home.

I realise now through my knowledge and application of Chinese Medicine what had happened. I was adrenally exhausted, my nervous system was completely overworked and stretched tight to a frazzled snapping point. I had made 3 children in the space of 3 years and I was approaching 42, which if you read the previous post, is a potent time for a shift in hormones. This all relates to the kidneys in Chinese Medicine and that was where I began to make changes in my life. I used foods that support the Kidney & Bladder which are salty in flavour and blue/black in colour. I avoided the Kidney draining foods such as coffee that I was overusing to get me through the day and crying baby nights. I also used a very potent point for calming a panic attack. It took me a good few years to calm my nervous system using Shiatsu & Conscious Cooking but now I understand what my body says to me before it needs to shout ? If you would like to learn to listen to your body you can buy the easy to use book at http://www.joannefaulkner.etsy.com or watch the 2 minute video and learn a potent acupressure point that reduces chest tightness, panic, anxiety, shortness of breath. Sometimes the video wont show up in the email (especially gmail!!) so either go to YouTube or click watch in browser.

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