Stay Vibrant, Stay Juicy and Stay in Bed

Stay Vibrant, Stay Juicy and Stay in Bed

We are moving from winter which is governed by the Kidney/Bladder meridians into the Spring time of Liver/Gallbladder but dont jump up too quickly. Its not quite time to come out from sleepy, still hibernation. We must keep the Kidneys warm, tonified and well fed.

Our Kidneys store what is called Jing in Chinese Medicine. Jing is our very essence, our DNA, our core energy. We cannot build on it, we have it from birth and through life we slowly use it up; like a candle we don’t want to use all our wax and wick too quickly when the flame burns too brightly. Jing is especially usefull for the body at 7 year intervals for women and 8 for men. These are times when the body goes through great hormonal shifts. Beginning with loosing our babyteeth at 7 and puberty at 14, prime babymaking 21-35, to perimenopause at 42 and menopause at 49. All through our lives and especially at these crucial pivot points it’s important to fuel our body in the right way. Low Jing and poor kidney diet will create problems at hormonal life shifts so dont eat too many kidney depleting foods such as caffine, ready meals full of refined salt and sugar, keep them strong eating oats, barley, millet and Sesame Seeds. There’s no use forging weapons when war has begun so dont wait until there is a problem before taking action. Feel well and feel wise with the food choices you make.

Sleep is especially good for the Jing and the Kidneys. If you have problems falling asleep try out the Potent Acupressure points in this 3 minute video.

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