I’m 50 this year and its time – time to change, to move track, to do things differently. It’s time to write and finish the next book, it’s time to experience more love in my life, love for myself and my relationship with everything around me, the air I breathe, the food I eat and the bodies I touch.

Things have got so busy that I am caught in a very structured routine. As a single mum of 3 teenage boys, running a house with a busy Shiatsu Clinic I have to be logistically on point for us to eat and turn up with clean clothes for Ballet, Sea Scouts, Cubs and Confirmation Ceremonies. There are always lunches to be made and dishwashers to be emptied.

I love my Shiatsu Healing Bodywork Clinic, it’s a safe quiet space for clients to deeply relax and heal. That intimate deep space requires structure and discipline, I am holding the zone for others to let go.

Then there are the classes ……… I have loved the Cuffe Street classes. I’ve been offering 3 terms a year since 2011 and I feel a familial bond for the people who have dropped in and out plus the dedicated who have come to every class of every term. You have all allowed me such freedom within the classes to discuss the connection between food and the body, seen through the perspective of the Shiatsu and the five elements. Classes have followed their own flow and really moved with all of us who attended. So it is bittersweet that this will be my final term at Cuffe Street.

Through these classes, I’ve made amazing friendships, I have deepened my knowledge through teaching and I feel supported and valued. So much so that I am now brave enough to move on, to navigate a new way. I need to do less. I need to be still for a while. I need to trust that this is my way. There is little room in my jam-packed days for surprise or spontaneity, for unseen kisses, unexpected adventures or following possible paths from which to learn and grow myself.

Filling the space is a tendency of mine but I am committed to doing less. There will be a two Online Supported Programmes per year and the annual retreat but Cuffe Street Classes have been so special for me that I am dedicated to valuing the freedom that letting them go will bring. It’s time to go into deep space and see what arises from there.