Are you feeling a little flat in energy? That’s no surprise for this time of year. We are in the dead of winter, our energy has traveled inward and we, like other creatures, must slow to rest and restore in preparation for the return of the light, the heat and growth that comes with the spring sun.

In Chinese Medicine, this wintertime relates to the bladder and kidney.

They are the roots of the body, the dark, nourishing feminine which supports new growth to come. It is essential to keep these organs and meridians in flow as they regulate hormones, keep bones strong, balance moods, support metabolism and enable restful sleep.

Every 7 years in a human a strong hormonal change occurs, beginning with losing our baby teeth at 7 and puberty at 14 to peri-menopause at 42 and menopause at 49.

At these age crucial pivot points, it’s important to fuel our body in the right way. In the Japanese language, there are no words for night sweats or hot flushes. They eat to support the kidney ensuring a smooth course through hormonal changes such as menopause and peri-menopause.

Menopause is referred to in Chinese Medicine as the second spring. It is a chance to embrace a new vigour and juiciness without the responsibility of motherhood. The kidneys are in control of our Sexual health and by keeping these organs strong we can experience a rise in energy and vibrancy in our libido. Sexual energy isn’t just about arousal, it’s about remaining curious, open, and creative with life and what better place to start than in the kitchen.

So if you are experiencing symptoms of insomnia, mood swings, loss of libido, internal dryness, night sweats, hot flashes, changes in weight especially around the middle while your arms stay skinny, the good news is …… can change this without medication which can have side effects and create problems in the long run.

It is easier to make preparations in your late 30’s early 40’s rather than have to manage a problem that has already occurred.

Adding ingredients such as miso, barley and a variety of seaweed can make a massive difference to strengthening the body’s ability to manage hormonal change.

There are also definitely things to avoid such as coffee, sugar and too much stress.  Qi Gong is specifically designed to improve your resting heart rate and reduce your stress response.

The body is already being flooded with fluctuating hormones so it’s best to avoid the production of more hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline.

Rest at this time. Lie like a rug in corpse pose, hibernate and restore so you can burst into your own second glorious spring, which is how menopause is named in Chinese Medicine.

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