I am delighted to offer

  • Shiatsu Treatments
  • Online Video Courses
  • Cooking Retreats
  • Demonstrations and Events
  • Colourful Cookbooks

All of which will help you put together physical symptoms, emotional moods and the food we eat.

Shiatsu & Conscious Cooking is all about helping you recognize physical symptoms and understand their cause. Shiatsu Bodywork & Chinese Medicine will guide you with what we eat and drink everyday to gain energy, strengthen and heal.

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In Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine, the body is classified into yin/yang organ pairs and meridian pathways which correspond to emotions, flavours, seasons and colours. There are no good or bad foods simply foods which do and don’t suit us at this time. It’s all about connecting with the body, seeing what it wants and loving ourselves more.

Shiatsu uses comfortable thumb pressure and palming massage to penetrate deeply into the muscles, energy channels, and acupuncture points. I use the Hara to diagnose and treat both physical and emotional conditions. Shiatsu is a Holistic treatment which diagnoses and treats the root of the problem as well as the manifesting symptoms.

Joanne is the Author of “Shiatsu & the Art of Conscious Cooking” which is a cookbook with recipes, meditations, acupressure points to suit your mood, stop cravings and alleviate physical symptoms.

By understanding the body as a whole system in Traditional Chinese Medicine we can understand why certain emotions and conditions create cravings and desires for certain foods. If you would like to find out what food suits you today simply click here

For more information please contact me on 086 607 0432 or email joannefaulkner@live.ie