This course is unique and one of a kind. I only run supported programmes every so often, don’t miss out, get your body and mind tip top, full of energy and vitality in preparation for life’s changes.

The earlier you make sure certain foods are staples in your diet, the easier peri-menopause, menopause and the years beyond may be. There is no words in Eastern culture to describe hot flushes, night sweats or many of the other symptoms experienced as our hormones fluctuate so why not learn some simple lifestyle changes to make your energetic body, libido, emotions and sleep patterns a whole lot easier.

For over 20 years I have combined my extensive expertise and experience as a Shiatsu Healer, specializing in the energy of food and Traditional Chinese Medicine together with my skills as an Internationally trained facilitator to personally support people who want to make positive, healthy change in their lives.

This is a live course so I can tailor lessons to include your requests. There’s an active facebook group where you can share recipes and experiences. Once you have signed up, the lessons are there to watch as many times as you like whenever you like, way after the 6 week support programme is finished.

This is a course you can do in your pyjamas, at your own pace, in your own time.

Shiatsu & Conscious Cooking is an easy system of mindful eating which addresses the causes not just the symptoms; Cutting out quick diets & food fixes replacing them with vitality and self love.

Then there’s the Chinese Medicine information part. There are points on the body, massage techniques and certain foods that will help alleviate hot flushes, insomnia, anxiety, bloating, water retention. Within the 6 week online supported programme I show you points, explain meridians, share ingredients and create dishes that are really tasty and that really improve the health of your body . With all these tools we are more likely to make the change to a nourishing, wholesome, healthy life where we have a life full of love, delicious food and conscious choices

Healthy doesn’t mean denial – with my course it means the opposite – if you consciously love your food, you love yourself.

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Registration now open – course runs from January 29th til the beginning of March 2018 – 20 participants max so sign up quick, this course will fill and it won’t run again until 2019