Things are changing – especially Thursday’s

Things are changing – especially Thursday’s

I’m 50 this year and its time – time to change, to move track, to do things differently. It’s time to write and finish the next book, it’s time to experience more love in my life, love for myself and my relationship with everything around me, the air I breathe, the food I eat and the bodies I touch.

Things have got so busy that I am caught in a very structured routine. As a single mum of 3 teenage boys, running a house with a busy Shiatsu Clinic I have to be logistically on point for us to eat and turn up with clean clothes for Ballet, Sea Scouts, Cubs and Confirmation Ceremonies. There are always lunches to be made and dishwashers to be emptied.

I love my Shiatsu Healing Bodywork Clinic, it’s a safe quiet space for clients to deeply relax and heal. That intimate deep space requires structure and discipline, I am holding the zone for others to let go.

Then there are the classes ……… I have loved the Cuffe Street classes. I’ve been offering 3 terms a year since 2011 and I feel a familial bond for the people who have dropped in and out plus the dedicated who have come to every class of every term. You have all allowed me such freedom within the classes to discuss the connection between food and the body, seen through the perspective of the Shiatsu and the five elements. Classes have followed their own flow and really moved with all of us who attended. So it is bittersweet that this will be my final term at Cuffe Street.

Through these classes, I’ve made amazing friendships, I have deepened my knowledge through teaching and I feel supported and valued. So much so that I am now brave enough to move on, to navigate a new way. I need to do less. I need to be still for a while. I need to trust that this is my way. There is little room in my jam-packed days for surprise or spontaneity, for unseen kisses, unexpected adventures or following possible paths from which to learn and grow myself.

Filling the space is a tendency of mine but I am committed to doing less. There will be a two Online Supported Programmes per year and the annual retreat but Cuffe Street Classes have been so special for me that I am dedicated to valuing the freedom that letting them go will bring. It’s time to go into deep space and see what arises from there.

Sex, Menopause and the number 42

Sex, Menopause and the number 42

Are you feeling a little flat in energy? That’s no surprise for this time of year. We are in the dead of winter, our energy has traveled inward and we, like other creatures, must slow to rest and restore in preparation for the return of the light, the heat and growth that comes with the spring sun.

In Chinese Medicine, this wintertime relates to the bladder and kidney.

They are the roots of the body, the dark, nourishing feminine which supports new growth to come. It is essential to keep these organs and meridians in flow as they regulate hormones, keep bones strong, balance moods, support metabolism and enable restful sleep.

Every 7 years in a human a strong hormonal change occurs, beginning with losing our baby teeth at 7 and puberty at 14 to peri-menopause at 42 and menopause at 49.

At these age crucial pivot points, it’s important to fuel our body in the right way. In the Japanese language, there are no words for night sweats or hot flushes. They eat to support the kidney ensuring a smooth course through hormonal changes such as menopause and peri-menopause.

Menopause is referred to in Chinese Medicine as the second spring. It is a chance to embrace a new vigour and juiciness without the responsibility of motherhood. The kidneys are in control of our Sexual health and by keeping these organs strong we can experience a rise in energy and vibrancy in our libido. Sexual energy isn’t just about arousal, it’s about remaining curious, open, and creative with life and what better place to start than in the kitchen.

So if you are experiencing symptoms of insomnia, mood swings, loss of libido, internal dryness, night sweats, hot flashes, changes in weight especially around the middle while your arms stay skinny, the good news is …… can change this without medication which can have side effects and create problems in the long run.

It is easier to make preparations in your late 30’s early 40’s rather than have to manage a problem that has already occurred.

Adding ingredients such as miso, barley and a variety of seaweed can make a massive difference to strengthening the body’s ability to manage hormonal change.

There are also definitely things to avoid such as coffee, sugar and too much stress.  Qi Gong is specifically designed to improve your resting heart rate and reduce your stress response.

The body is already being flooded with fluctuating hormones so it’s best to avoid the production of more hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline.

Rest at this time. Lie like a rug in corpse pose, hibernate and restore so you can burst into your own second glorious spring, which is how menopause is named in Chinese Medicine.

Come and learn more in the Online Supported Programme – All the recipes are healthy and easy to incorporate at any time of life and the earlier you start the easier being a woman can be. The recipes and exercises will decrease period pain, improve heavy clotted menstrual blood, sore breasts, mood swings and fatigue so are great at any time of life.

Or why not sign up for a free class so you can try it for yourself.  Eventhough one class might not solve all your problems you will feel better after just one class.  Im live every morning so you can ask me anything.

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Things are changing – especially Thursday’s

Cuffe Street Cooking Classes

Find out, what to eat to help you sleep, build healthy bones, maintain good blood pressure, to remain calm in stressful situations and to live a happy life, full of joy

Have fun and try new food – Thursday 10.30-12.30 – Greenside Hse, Cuffe St

Cost €4 (includes all food eaten within the class)

25th Jan Healthy Immune System & Reducing Cholesterol

Recipes – Hunky Chunky Lentil Stew – Flourless Oat Loaf

1st Feb Regulating hormones & maintaining strong bones

Recipes – Seaweed Scones – Corn Bread with walnuts

8th Feb Improve flexibility and joints & Learn to detox effortlessly

Recipes – Asian Style Slaw – Creamy Cauliflower Salad

Mid Term Break

22nd Feb Healthy Heart reducing stress and anxiety

Recipes – Beet Marmalade – Kicheree

1st March Healthy alternatives to stop sweet cravings

Recipes – Flourless Sweet Potato Muffins – Stuffed Baked Apples

8th March Balance in the body For harmony and health

Recipes – No Flour Chocolate Cookies – Garlic and Lime Lettuce Wraps

Things are changing – especially Thursday’s

Hello and Welcome

I am delighted to offer

  • Shiatsu Treatments
  • Online Video Courses
  • Cooking Retreats
  • Demonstrations and Events
  • Colourful Cookbooks

All of which will help you put together physical symptoms, emotional moods and the food we eat.

Shiatsu & Conscious Cooking is all about helping you recognize physical symptoms and understand their cause. Shiatsu Bodywork & Chinese Medicine will guide you with what we eat and drink everyday to gain energy, strengthen and heal.

Book Now on 00 353 +86 607 0432

In Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine, the body is classified into yin/yang organ pairs and meridian pathways which correspond to emotions, flavours, seasons and colours. There are no good or bad foods simply foods which do and don’t suit us at this time. It’s all about connecting with the body, seeing what it wants and loving ourselves more.

Shiatsu uses comfortable thumb pressure and palming massage to penetrate deeply into the muscles, energy channels, and acupuncture points. I use the Hara to diagnose and treat both physical and emotional conditions. Shiatsu is a Holistic treatment which diagnoses and treats the root of the problem as well as the manifesting symptoms.

Joanne is the Author of “Shiatsu & the Art of Conscious Cooking” which is a cookbook with recipes, meditations, acupressure points to suit your mood, stop cravings and alleviate physical symptoms.

By understanding the body as a whole system in Traditional Chinese Medicine we can understand why certain emotions and conditions create cravings and desires for certain foods. If you would like to find out what food suits you today simply click here

For more information please contact me on 086 607 0432 or email

Things are changing – especially Thursday’s

6 week Supported Programme for a Sexy, Savvy Menopause

This course is unique and one of a kind. I only run supported programmes every so often, don’t miss out, get your body and mind tip top, full of energy and vitality in preparation for life’s changes.

The earlier you make sure certain foods are staples in your diet, the easier peri-menopause, menopause and the years beyond may be. There is no words in Eastern culture to describe hot flushes, night sweats or many of the other symptoms experienced as our hormones fluctuate so why not learn some simple lifestyle changes to make your energetic body, libido, emotions and sleep patterns a whole lot easier.

For over 20 years I have combined my extensive expertise and experience as a Shiatsu Healer, specializing in the energy of food and Traditional Chinese Medicine together with my skills as an Internationally trained facilitator to personally support people who want to make positive, healthy change in their lives.

This is a live course so I can tailor lessons to include your requests. There’s an active facebook group where you can share recipes and experiences. Once you have signed up, the lessons are there to watch as many times as you like whenever you like, way after the 6 week support programme is finished.

This is a course you can do in your pyjamas, at your own pace, in your own time.

Shiatsu & Conscious Cooking is an easy system of mindful eating which addresses the causes not just the symptoms; Cutting out quick diets & food fixes replacing them with vitality and self love.

Then there’s the Chinese Medicine information part. There are points on the body, massage techniques and certain foods that will help alleviate hot flushes, insomnia, anxiety, bloating, water retention. Within the 6 week online supported programme I show you points, explain meridians, share ingredients and create dishes that are really tasty and that really improve the health of your body . With all these tools we are more likely to make the change to a nourishing, wholesome, healthy life where we have a life full of love, delicious food and conscious choices

Healthy doesn’t mean denial – with my course it means the opposite – if you consciously love your food, you love yourself.

For a snapshot of the course visit
Registration now open – course runs from January 29th til the beginning of March 2018 – 20 participants max so sign up quick, this course will fill and it won’t run again until 2019