Your relationship with food is a mirror for your relationship with life. So rather than feeling bad about what you eat, be in love with the conscious choices you make every time you put a scrumptious morsel in your mouth. Feel the love as the food gives you life.

Our relationship with refined Sugar can be difficult. We love it, we hate it. We swear we will never have chocolate again and yet when we are at our most vulnerable it comes knocking on the door, and like a lover we know will do us no good we let it back in. For in Chinese Medicine security, comfort and motherly love is found in sweet things. Who doesn’t want a soft squidgy embrace full of love? Unfortunately chocolate cannot give us this hug – it may alleviate uncomfortable lost symptoms for a while but really its just keeping us in a loop of highs and lows, comfort then guilt. There is nothing wrong with Chocolate but it may be our relationship with it that might need to change so that there’s no addiction, there’s no “must have” with guilty feelings to follow. You either have or don’t have – it’s got to be a conscious choice full of love.

So how do we get to the state of choice with our food as sweet things can be very addictive, physically, mentally and emotionally? Using my experience of Chinese Medicine and my background of facilitation and coaching, I have found that the big thing that helps us make a change is love. Love for ourselves and love from others supporting us through the lifestyle transformations. Others care for us; we care for ourselves

I will be offering 1-1 support and answer questions, provide solutions and possible alternatives to problems that arise throughout the course. Also don’t underestimate the power of the group. As we journey together with the closed Facebook group can provide support through sharing and posting. This interactive course is very different to a self-help book that sits alone on your shelf. This course is filled with living people all on the same path seeking to love the food they eat.

Then there’s the Chinese Medicine information part. There are points on the body and certain foods that will help alleviate sweet cravings and bring satisfaction. Within the online supported program, I show you acupressure points, explain meridians, share ingredients and create dishes that are really tasty. With all these tools we are more likely to make the change to a nourishing, wholesome, healthy life where we have a life full of love, delicious food and conscious choices

Healthy doesn’t mean denial – with my course it means the opposite – if you consciously love your food, you love yourself.

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And for advice on a special ingredient There’s even a free video to stop sweet cravings: just click on the links