Sugar highs mean sugar lows, when we have a sugar low, our bodies produce adrenaline to keep us going through this lull in energy. Constant adrenaline surges lead to all sorts of problems such as calcium deficiency which over a period of time weakens the bones and causes osteoprosis. It is important that we take good care of our bones especially during peri menopause as the bone protecting hormone, estrogen, begin to drop.“In the five to seven years following menopause, women can lose about 20% of their bone mass.”

Sometimes though these fantastic slow release sugar foods are not around to satisfy that quick sugar hit so make sure you have some healthy snacks that are good to chew. Chewing in Chinese medicine is part of the Stomach/Spleen digestion process. Take time for your food, chew it, taste it, feel it, this will leave you with a feeling of sweet satisfaction. Quick snacks that are good for the stomach and spleen are roasted chick peas, hummus with carrot sticks, walnuts, pistacios & almonds. Try these as a satisfying protein rich snack which will prevent sugar swings