So many of you who know me, come to my classes or read what I write know that I specialize in connecting how we feel with the food we eat; That for every emotion and organ there is a flavour and often specific foods that can help support us through a healing process, whether that be physical or emotional. But then why start talking about sex? Is it a gimmick, it is attention grabbing, it is a marketing ploy to sell more books? No, Im following my own flow which is drawing me to allow sex to bring us into conscious connection with our bodies.

In Chinese Medicine the Chi of Heaven, which is the air we breath and the food we eat, mixes with the Chi of Earth, the constitution we are born with, to form our own individual unique Chi. The dance and interplay of these Yin and Yang elements is how we live our life. The quality and health of our Chi comes from both our inherited genetics and the world around us; it is a blend of the two. The Chi of Heaven is often seen as the spiritual side of the body, the thinking mind, our consciousness whereas the Chi of Earth is our will to survive, thrive and procreate. Sexual energy falls under the domain of the Chi of Earth, it is the Yin, the emptyness from which all life emerges. It cannot be ignored, shushed or pushed away. It is an absolute integral part of our make up and has huge power for creation and healing. As the Jewish proverb says “Body without a spirit is a corpse and Spirit without a body is a ghost”. So lets get sexual energy out in the open and on the kitchen table.

The foods that enhance sexual energy usually relate to the kidney as it is the organ that controls hormones and reproduction. However all food can help us connect, control, understand and enhance sexual energy as it brings us into our bodies with every sense activated. We see, smell, feel, taste and even hear the food as we eat it. It is a completely sensory experience and in that way we are completely in the moment. We are not thinking about the phonecall yesterday or the christmas list that must be filled next week. We are here now eating, tasting, smelling and touching the food. That is how we connect with the body, understand how its feeling and give it what it needs. That is sex. It doesn’t have to be with a partner, it doesn’t have to be about penetration or gratification. It has to do with feeling alive, potent and in the moment. Food for me is the easiest way to connect with how I am feeling and what I need. It’s my way to connect with the extraordinarily powerful, juicy, dynamic, forthright, creative energy. That’s why im talking about sex and what I’d like to share; the experience of consciously using food to connect with the sexual energy of the body.

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