11am-3.30pm Saturday 24th September 2016

Do you strive to eat healthily but get lost in cravings or habitual eating patterns? Do you eat plenty and still feel low in energy? Is there a sense of lack that cannot be satisfied in your life? In Chinese medicine this would suggest your stomach and spleen energy is out of balance. Energetically these are the meridians of the nourishing mother earth element, they are the time of harvest and abundance and their flavour is sweet. In Western medicine it is the Spleen/Pancreas that controls insulin and the breakdown of sugars in the body. It is this organ and this function that we will cook for during this unique one day cookery class.

Learning these easy to cook recipes specifically for the Stomach and Spleen is a great way to connect with the body and soul’s need for sweet and comforting food without submitting to cravings for refined sugars and starches such as chocolate and bread.

On the menu is:

  • Fennel and Pea Paella
  • Light and Lemony Turkish Lentil Soup
  • Raw Chocolate and Seed Bites
  • Pomegranate and Caramelized Onion Bulghar wheat
  • Herby Millet
  • Carrot & Corguette Sweet Bread
  • Red Date Tea and a Craving busting Licorice Stick to take home

Also included are Acupressure points for cravings and bringing deep satisfaction

Come and unload the mental stresses and physical strains, have some fun and learn skills that can nourish your sweet self in everyday life

Cost €65 includes all written recipes and food eaten on the day.

Special offer – 2 people €120

Venue: Miele Kitchens, 2024 Bianconi Avenue, Citywest Business Campus, Dublin

To book a place call me on 086 607 0432 Or email joannefaulkner@live.ie