Asking and Receiving

Asking and Receiving

A weekend Health Retreat focusing on Satisfaction & Cravings – Using Tai Chi, Chinese Medicine & Healthy Cooking

27-29th May 2016Bobbio Centre, Co Wicklow

Do you strive to eat healthily but get lost in cravings or habitual eating patterns? Is there a sense of lack that cannot be satisfied in your life? In Chinese medicine this suggests your stomach and spleen energy is out of balance. Energetically these are the meridians of the nourishing mother earth element and their flavour is sweet. This weekend aims to bring an awareness of the body’s emotional and physical needs.

How to satisfy with mindful thought, movement and sweet soul food

The weekend includes

  • Conscious Cooking Classes focusing on recipes for a healthy heart and managing sugar cravings
  • Amazing Vegetarian Meals
  • Tai Chi & Chi Gong sessions focusing on calming the mind bringing peace and satisfaction to the body
  • Loving Kindness Meditation & Mantra
  • Time to rest and walk in the stunning grounds and secluded beach in North Wicklow

We are naturally happy beings so take an opportunity to return to this state by unloading the mental stresses and physically strains at this wonderfully unique retreat

Joanne Faulkner is a Shiatsu Practitioner specialising in the energy of food in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Author of “Shiatsu & the Art of Conscious Cooking” she operates a Shiatsu Clinic in Dublin. She also runs cookery classes, health retreats, and caters holistic events.
086 607 0432

Conscious Cooking Class with Jo

Using principles of Chinese Medicine and the 5 elements, we will discuss specific foods and preparations which help with stomach/spleen, cravings, addictions, weight management and satisfaction. Some of the dishes include

  • Carrot and Corguette Sweet Bread
  • Red date, pear and ginger tea
  • Fennel Paella
  • Turkish Lentil Soup
  • Sweet Orange Vinagrette
  • Roasted Balsamic Strawberries plus Coconut & Maple Macaroons
  • Special Spinach & Kale with a Tahini dressing
  • Caramalized onion, quionoa, carrot and coriander salad

Fatima Lucia has 17 years experience in various styles of Tai Chi and Qigong. She is a fully qualified instructor through the Chinese International Tai Chi and Qigong Association. Her life long studies include many different forms of body awareness disciplines as well as Flamenco dance, which she has performed and taught for over 20 years.

Tai Chi Session with Fatima

Through the practice of Tai Chi and Qigong we cultivate our awareness, sensitivity and balance, which transforms the way we move, stand and interact in all aspects of our life. As we develop and refine these, we can create a state of aliveness – physically, energetically and spiritually.

As you begin to understand Tai Chi, the differences between various forms and movements become merely external. The principles remain the same. Understand this and everything you do becomes Tai Chi. In this way Tai Chi can begin to have a profound effect on every aspect of life.

Cost: €295 There are a number of single rooms which will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. This workshop is for 14 participants max.

Price includes all food, accommodation & tuition.

Healthy Heart Cooking Day

Saturday 2nd April 2016 11am-3.30pm

The heart and small intestine represent vibrant summer energy within our body. It is where our consciousness, our soul dwells. When the hearts energy is clear it radiates joy and brilliance. Together with the small intestine it enhances our ability to feel connected and to receive love from the world around us.

Learning these easy to cook recipes specifically for early summer and the Heart / Small Intestine is a great way to nourish / cleanse the organs and to help the body reconnect with the Heart’s Desires.

On the menu is:

  • Coming Home African Carri Coco Curry (helps remove cholesterol from the body)
  • Beetroot and Pear Salad (light and beautiful to reduce any summer heat)
  • Oven dried tomatoes and Roasted Garlic (detoxify the body)
  • Savoury Coconut Pancakes (perfect healthy alternative to bread)
  • Green Bean, Black Fungus & Sesame Salad (to increase healthy circulation)
  • Roasted Aubergine & Red pepper paste (full of bioflavinols to repair blood vessels)
  • Special Salad with Flower Petals (to reduce palpitations and anxiety)
  • Lettuce tonic, (to reduce insomnia and house the mind)
  • Goji Berry and Cherry Tea

Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment

Cost €65 includes all written recipes and food eaten on the day.

Special Summer offer – 2 people €120

Venue: Miele Experience Centre, 2024 Bianconi Avenue, Citywest Business Campus, Dublin

To book a place call me on 086 607 0432 Or email

Please note there is a 3.4 service charge when paying with Paypal

Asking and Receiving

Baldoyle Cooking Classes

Shiatsu & the Art of Conscious Cooking might not give you the lotto numbers but it will help you in answering many of the other questions linked to how we are feeling and the food we eat.
Find out, what to eat to help you sleep, build healthy bones, maintain good blood pressure, to remain calm in stressful situations and to live a happy life, full of joy

Have fun and try new food – Wednesdays 10.00-12.00 – Baldoyle Community Centre
Cost €60 for all six classes which includes all food eaten within the class call Heidi Bedell 01 839 5338 to book a place

24th Feb Healthy Immune System & Reducing Cholesterol

  • Onion & Miso Soup
  • Sweet Bread with Carrot & Courgette

2nd March Regulating hormones & maintaining strong bones

  • Corn and Seaweed Chowder
  • Oat and walnut muffins

9th March Improve flexibility and joints & Learn to detox effortlessly

  • Babaganoush Kale
  • Lemon and Potato Soup
  • Five flower Tea


6th April Healthy Heart reducing stress and anxiety

  • Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Lemon
  • Coconut Pancakes

13th April Healthy alternatives to stop sweet cravings

  • Stuffed Squash
  • Special Spinach
  • Red Date, Ginger & Pear Tea

20th April Balance in the body for harmony and health

  • Butternut Squash and Red date Soup
  • Sundried tomato Spelt loaf