Cooking for Sweet Cravings Demonstration

18th July 2015 – 10.30-12.30 Fairgreen Holistic Centre, 33 South Main Street, Naas

If you can’t make the full day for Sweet Cravings on the 26th July why not come along to a taster day where we will cover the basics of understanding of sugar and its consequences on the body through Chinese Medicine

  • Turkish carrot salad – a new way to cook this everyday sweet vegetable
  • Herby Millet – perfect for alkalizing the body and reducing acid indigestion
  • Rosehip, Mint & Goji Berry Tea – to balance blood sugars and reduce high blood pressure

Cost = €15 includes food tasting

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Hayfever is a very yang condition. All the energy rises upwards and even outwards if you are sneezing a lot. Eyes, nose and mouth become itchy and the skin can become red and hot. The best counterbalance for this Yang is Yin. Cold dark rooms work best but who wants to shut themselves away from the joy of summer. Sunglasses desensitise but I have found that there’s no instant cure for an attack except anti-histamine. I find these cure the attack in the short term, but they leave me exhausted and less resilient to allergens in the long term. So I no longer pop the pills rather I look for yin and cooling foods that will soothe an overheated sensitive body.

Mint is fantastic for the body in the summer. It cools and relaxes muscle spasms. In tests has been shown to inhibit the release of histimines within the body. Fluids can be burnt off not only by the heat of a sunny day but by the internal heat the hayfever brings so drink plenty of water and finally fruits, full of vitamin C will also reduce any internal inflammation of the arteries and mucus membranes so reducing blood pressure or shortness of breath.

So heres the perfect tonic
Crush a handful of goji berries or rosehips or use a rosehip tea bag, add a large sprig of mint and pour over hot water, allow it to brew for 5 minutes for flavour and pour. Add summer petals for heart opening beauty.

Recipe taken from Shiatsu & the Art of Conscious Cooking and we will be tasting it at Naas and in the SunDay Class – Cooking for Sweet Cravings