…and so it came to pass that in Sardinia, carrots are woody and bendy. They are not crunchy, sweet and juicy as in Ireland, where my kids can eat some of their vegetable intake through a raw carrot or five. As a result, here in Sardinia, one bunch of carrots has already ended up in the bin and the second bunch, bought by me in the disbelief that anything orange could taste that bad, are headed the same way. I hate to see a great vegetable go unused, so this time I was determined to get creative and eat those carrots. The naturally sweet flavour and the orange colour are perfect for the stomach and spleen which after my last post you will remember definitely needed some love. They are full of vitamin A which in western medicine helps lung function. In Chinese medicine the spleen/stomach sends some of its energy gained through food up to the lung to strengthen them and to help anchor the breath coming into the body. My son has developed a dry cough here on the island so the recipe was created with his chest, my stomach and non wastage of carrots in mind.

Chop the carrots into julienne/matchstick strips and heat some olive oil in a non stick pan. Fry the carrots until they gain some colour and then turn the temperature right down for about 7 minutes so they begin to soften and sweeten. To finish them, fry on high and add a splash of balsamic vinegar, allow them to sizzle for a minute or two before turning off the heat and drizzling a teaspoon of honey over the glistening, appetizing delight.

They are super sweet cooked like this so if you are looking for an alternative to chocolate or to break an addictive cycle this could be it. Although it did not stop me having a chocolate ice cream after dinner but this is Italy and I am on holiday