Saturday 28th June 2014

“When the Heart is serene, pain seems negligible” Inner Classic

jo cookingThe heart and small intestine represent vibrant summer energy within our body. It is where our consciousness, our soul dwells. When the hearts energy is clear it radiates joy and brilliance. Together with the small intestine it enhances our ability to feel connected and to receive love from the world around us.

Learning these easy to cook recipes specifically for early summer and the Heart/ Small Intestine is a great way to nourish / cleanse the organs and to help the body reconnect with the Heart’s Desire.

On the menu is:

  • Coming Home African Carri Coco Curry (helps remove cholesterol from the body)
  • Wholegrain Spelt Bread (this ancient roman recipes makes you a god in your kitchen)
  • Red rice & Minted Pea Salad (light and beautiful to reduce any summer heat)
  • Oven dried tomatoes and Roasted Garlic (detoxify the body)
  • Stuffed Peppers and tomatoes (full of bioflavinols to repair blood vessels)
  • Special Lettuce Salad with Flower Petals (to reduce palpitations and anxiety)
  • Lively Beetroot Relish (to increase blood vitality)
  • Homely Coconut Macaroons and baked peaches (preventing blood stagnation and reducing blood pressure)
  • Fresh Juices Apple, Celery, Lettuce, (to reduce insomnia and house the mind)

The cost of the day is €60, concession €50 (€20 deposit to secure a place) and will include all food cooked and eaten on the day.

The day will run from 12 am til 4 pm and will be hosted in the light and bright kitchen at the Hunky Chunk House. There is plenty of parking and the Bayside Dart station is a 2 minute walk away. There is space for 6 participants so book early to avoid disappointment.

To book a place simply call 086 607 0432