Following on from the last post where my body was stiff but became soft, supple and full of joy through some creativity – I decided to further support that by doing a little detox. Usually at easter I get almost a week to myself as the kids are with their dads so this seemed like a perfect time to start. Its too difficult to stay on track when you are making pesto pasta, ham and cheese toasties or roast chicken for the kids. My aim was simple, only fruit, vegetables and whole grains for a week. The main ingredients to cut out where caffeine, meat, wheat, sugar and everything else.

On the whole it went really well. For the first few days I had an ache on my right side around the Gall bladder 30 and 31 spots. I massaged stretched and pressed these which helped to take away some of the soreness. On the third day of the detox I had the strangest sensation down the outside of my leg, gall bladder meridian. It was almost like a bubbling gurgling stream moving down toward my ankle. I took this as a good sign as the soreness dissipated.

On the last day of the detox I was preparing to cook for a group for the weekend. All the food would be vegetarian but there would be cake which was not on the detox menu. The Friday was buzzing about preparing ingredient bags and picking up supplies. Ive cooked for many weekend groups and theres almost a ritual in the preparation that I enjoy. Part of it is to stop into Malahide for a coffee from one of my favourite coffee shops. I was really torn – should I have the coffee and completely break the detox – ahh why not so off I pottered for coffee – the people in front of me in the queue were taking ages so I thought” I’ll go to the bathroom” but instead of rejoining the line when I came back I simply left the shop, without coffee and went back to the car – wow who was this girl who could be in Malahide and not drink coffee. It could be a whole new me.

Then for some leftfield reason old friends popped into my mind, friends that I used to share coffee with in Malahide but that had drifted away and I began to feel irritated mixed with a sprinkling of “poor me”. It occurred to me if I could let go of the girl who drank coffee I could also let go of the girl abandoned by friends. I could be anyone I wanted to be if I were willing to let go. So detox seems to not just be about losing pounds, toxins, fat and fogginess it seems to be about shedding parts of myself that no longer serve. If I could make a commitment, stick to a detox, let go habitual eating patterns and who I think I am, then the universe is my oyster – I can be my own heart’s desire.