Ancient Kitchen – Modern Wisdom – €4 drop in Class

You may have noticed that I havent run €4 Drop in classes at Aungier Street for a while. Its because they were moving premises. The new ones are much lighter, brighter and more spacious. They arent far from the old ones – Directions, walk up Aungier Street toward Camden St. At the large crossroads take a left. The building is on the right hand side with a full line of glass windows. Address: Greenside House, Cuffe Street.

I thought we could just squeeze a few classes before my clinic closes for the summer so …….. no need to book just come on down. Classes run 10.30-12.30 ?

6th JuneHeart/Small Intestine – Coconut Rice, Pea, Mint and Garlic Soup, Wheat and Oatbran Soda
13th JuneStomach Spleen – Turkish lentil Soup, Herby Millet, Millet Muffins
20th JuneLung/ Large Intestine – Ginger Cookies, Shiitake Mushroom Risotto, Baked Garlic Mushrooms

Expand into Joy – Maintain the heart with fun, food an yoga

Expand into Joy – Maintain the heart with fun, food an yoga

Finally the seasons have shifted, the sunshine has arrived and we move to the time of early summer and of the heart. In Chinese Medicine everything is in service to the heart as it houses our very consciousness, it is the connection to the divine and all that we honour in life. The muscle of the heart in chinese medicine is said to connect to the muscle of the tongue. How we use this digit of communication effects the heart strongly so we have designed a weekend that is full of song, praise, laughter, tingling tastyness and heart opening fun to really expand into our natural state of happiness that can become so constricted in this time of recession.

The weekend will take place in the Bobbio Centre, Magheramore, Co Wicklow over the August Bank Holiday Weekend (3, 4, 5 August) which is an amazing place surrounded by wonderful trees, views of the mountain and the sea and only a short walk from a beautiful secluded beach. It promises to be a unique mini break that will nourish your soul on every level and bring you back to your natural state of Joy.

For a full course outline please click on Conscious Cooking Classes on the drop down menu on the home page.

The flavour for the Heart/Small Intestine is bitter and aromatic. The heart / small intestine cooking class will supporting the body holistically and cover issues such as lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. Calming an over agitated heart, palpitations, anxiety and promote restful deep sleep. Over the weekend you will learn the following recipes are what will be taught but there will be many more delicious heart healing dishes over the weekend.

  • Traditional Spelt loaf: Wheat is a brilliant grain for calming the heart but for those with a weakened condition its best to take spelt or oats – if you’ve never made bread before this is the perfect loaf to start with
  • Oven dried tomatoes and Roasted Garlic: full of bioflavanols which repair the blood vessels and detoxify the body
  • Kicheree (mung beans and rice) with a watercress and herb stir through sauce: Mung beans nourish the Yin and support the Heart together with the rice they provide a complete balanced meal, the ingredients in the stir through sauce relieves anxiety from the heart leaving a feeling of satisfied calm
  • Broccoli, green bean and sweet sesame salad: sesame seeds are a tonic for the body and the mix in this recipe will build our essence which can become depleted through over stimulation
  • Special Lettuce Salad: Lettuce builds the Shen in the body which calms the spirit and reduces anxiety
  • Black Olive and Sundried Tomato Tapanade: The intensely bitter flavour of this relish is brilliant for the heart, it reminds of the mediteranean and summer with every bite as well as being a brilliant blood cleanser full anticoagulants and vitamin C
  • Baked summer fruit crumble: The seeds within the crumble together with the slightly sour fruit support the liver and cleanse the blood easing pressure on the heart. The use of cinnamon and very little sugar in this dessert also aids in reducing blood pressure
  • Natural Herbal Sedative

For this unique weekend I will be co creating the space with Liz Kavanagh. For many years we performed together professionally in “Yemanja” – a ten piece female accapella group singing songs from around the world. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the heart is linked right up through the body to the muscle of the tongue. All prayer, praise and song benefit the heart, so it seemed fitting that we join together and create a Kirtan and Craic session mixing the songs and techniques collected in Yemanja, that open the voice, lift the heart and expand us into Joy. No previous experience of music or singing is required – if you can talk you can sing

Iyengar Yoga for opening and strengthening the heart, increasing flexibility and circulation. Iyengar yoga concentrates on deep and focused practice of yoga asanas connecting body, mind and breath in order to connect with the self on a deeper level.

Dowsing Learn about the energy within and around our bodies. How we can harness it with the art of dowsing to help us make decisions, become more in tune with ourselves and get answers to life questions.

Cost including all food, accommodation and tuition €245 early bird until the end of June €275 thereafter.
There are limited single rooms available. For more information and a booking form please contact

Joanne Faulkner specializes in the energy of food in Traditional Chinese Medicine runs a Shiatsu Practice, Cookery Classes and caters holistic events and workshops. 086 607 0432

Liz Kavanagh practices an Iyengar Yoga teacher and spiritual healer. She teaches yoga to men, women, teenagers and children. She is a Reiki Master and Dream interpreter. Facebook: SoulArtYoga 087 931 4914