Building Heart Blood

Building Heart Blood

It’s been a while since the last post – summer holidays together with work and kids around is leaving little time for random thoughts which can formulate into a post. These thoughts on heart blood have been floating about since the “Building a Home for your Heart” weekend, so let’s see how it manifests. To recap the last post was about building yin so the shen/consciousness could remain calm and unflustered, promoting clear thought and maintaining healthy sleep patterns. This post focuses on building blood so that the heart shen can remain grounded in the body ensuring the mind can’t become overactive, searching outside for satisfaction and peace because as we know “there is no way to happiness, happiness is the way” – we have to find that peace internally.

As the stomach breaks down food, the spleen extracts the food essence which together with the small intestine is used to make blood. A great point for building and regulating blood is Spleen 6. You can use this point for any blood irregularities and the blood is not flowing properly such as painful periods, anaemia, dizziness or physical exhaustion. This is a very easy point to find. Sit down and look at the inside of your leg and the arch of foot. Place three fingers directly above the tip of the inner ankle bone and the place your thumb above them and in the grove behind the bone on the midline of the inner leg.

Other great points for building blood is Bladder 27 and Bladder 32. To find bladder 27 on your self, place your fingers on your lower spine where your buttocks begin and move your fingers outward (approx 1.5 finger width) you may feel a dint or dimple where the sacrum begins. That is Bladder 27, from there slide your fingers diagonally back towards the spine, they will fall into a groove, that is Bladder 32. If you are not sure massage the whole area with the knuckles of your fist and you can’t go wrong . There’s loads of great points in that area that always need a little TLC.

Overuse of sweet, fatty or salty food will weaken the blood so strengthen and keep blood clear eating foods like Spinach, Watercress and all leafy greens. These are full of chlorophyll; calcium and magnesium essential for healthy blood (see earlier posts). Other good foods for building blood are beetroot, for yummy recipe for summer go to ………Finally great blood builders are stocks from bone marrow or eating the actual bones in tinned sardine, herring and mackerel. This has links with the western view of blood building which says cells within bone marrow are responsible for making blood. As you are eating the very essence of an animal it is important that the animal has lived a happy, chemical free life, so organic and free range where possible. Here is a recipe for blood building, crammed with chlorophyll greens and especially good for the heart with the inclusion of the bittersweet pomegranate, the love apple.

Blood Building Salad

Watercress contain extremely high levels of Vitamin C which as well as boosting the immune system, provide vital antioxidants, essential for removing any waste or toxins from the blood. The salad can be quite bitter so the orange and red onions should sweeten the flavour although curiously the flavour for the high summer and the heart is bitterness. It is as the without the unavoidable pain and sadness of life the joyous expansion of the heart cannot fully be experienced.

  • 200g Watercress or baby spinach leaves or a mix of both
  • 100g Rocket
  • 1 Orange
  • 1 Pomegranate
  • 1 small red onion

Wash and drain the green leaves, shred them by hand into small mouth size bites. Peel and cut the orange into chunks, tip these along with the juice onto the leaves. Cut the pomegranate in half and using a fork, scrape out the red fleshy seeds. Ensure that none of the pomegranate pith falls into the salad as this is really too bitter. Chop the red onion in half after peeling off the outside layers then thinly slice into half moons, these should come apart when tossing all the ingredients of the salad together.