Summer Retreat 2012
Mindfulness, Meditation & Contemplation + Restorative vegetarian food program + optional healing and body-work
2nd August 2012 – 6th August 2012

This is a retreat with some workshop elements that is based in the beautiful grounds of the Bobbio retreat centre in Maheramore Co. Wicklow right beside the sea.
It starts on 2nd of August 2012 from 4pm and ends on 6th of August 2012 after lunch.
All the food is vegetarian and cooked to work on and energise the major organs in the body. (scroll down for a sneak peak at the menu)
The day will be a mixture of mindfulness, meditation, silence in the mornings, walks, rest, some spiritual films, healthy food, ritual, and movement.
Healing and bodywork will be available at a reduced cost during the retreat with Maria Jesus Lopez from
All the sessions are optional

The retreat is limited to the first 12-14 participants so book early to avoid disappointment.

Call or text NiamhAnne on 086 0887277 for more information or visit for more information on the school for spiritual development

The Retreat Team

F.A.Q (Frequently asked questions)

Q: I’ve never done meditation before can I still go?\
A: Yes, all levels of experience are catered for

Q: Is this a religious retreat?
A: No, its a spiritual one and is open to people of all beliefs

Q: Is there a facility for people with disabilities?
A: Yes, we have a full wheelchair access and a bedroom and toiled designed for such.

Q: I’m not sure I can drive or need a lift is this possible?
A: Yes, we’ll organise car pooling and pick-ups where possible and there is full public transport to Wicklow town 10 minutes from the venue.

As I am the cook I can give a sneak peak as to what I will be cooking and what we will be eating for the retreat – feel free to mail me any questions about the menu or the retreat.

Thursday Supper

  • Spring Green Soup. The vivid green of this soup is to tonify the liver – dark green vegetables encourage the production of bile and the breakdown of fats in the liver, further aided by the slight lemon flavour and the sprouts in the salad.
  • Sprouted bean, Broccoli, Tomato and Feta Salad
  • Selection of breads (see below)

Friday Breakfast

  • Yogurt
  • Porridge served with optional seeds and raisins. Oats are a warming tonic for the Qi. They strengthen the Spleen and benefit the nervous system and the bones
  • Fresh fruit
  • Selection of Breads all of which are baked fresh daily by the Hunky Chunk including Spelt and pumpkin seed, Wholewheat sprouted berry soda, Apricot soda, Wheat/gluten free with sunflower seed, Banana Bread, No Yeast cheese and herb
  • Apple Juice and Fair Trade Orange Juice
  • Condiments of Butter, Soya Margarine, Marmalade, Jam, Honey, Marmite

Friday Main Meal

  • Roasted Vegetable Lasagna with broccoli and orange vinaigrette. Roasting is a very warming method which benefits the Yang. Most root vegetables tend to be warm in nature and strengthening to the Qi
  • Red Berry and Mascarpone Tart

Friday Supper

  • Carrot and coriander soup. The sweet nature of this soup is nurturing whilst the spices aid movement of any stagnant energy
  • Hummus
  • Selection of breads (see above)

Saturday Main Meal

  • African Cari Coco Curry (Cannelini Bean, Butternut squash, Sweet potato and coconut curry), served with Basmati rice and apple salad. This curry is very grounding and supportive in its sweet flavour whilst the coconut nourishes the heart
  • Fruit and Seed Crumble served with vanilla ice cream

Saturday Supper

  • Turkish Lentil Soup
  • 5 Green Pesto
  • Selection of breads

Sunday Main Meal

  • Aduki Bean Stew served with brown rice and seaweed and cucumber salad. Aduki beans strengthen the Kidney Chi and have a mild diuretic action. Butternut squash and sweet potato supports the stomach and spleen which comforts and nourishes the overworked thinking mind. The Gomasio and seaweed are great at supporting the kidney and bladder function, allowing the body to receive and relax at a very deep level.
  • Chocolate Brownies served with Raspberry Couliss and vanilla ice cream

Sunday Supper

  • French onion and Miso Soup. The onions primary action is warming for the lungs and large intestine whilst the Miso supports the kidney. Onion soup is excellent for all conditions of Dampness and Cold affecting the body.
  • Tapanade
  • Selection of breads (see above)

Monday Main Meal

  • A selection of Oven Roasted Vegetables served with Goats Cheese Mousse and Tabouleh Salad. The Parsely in the salad is great for strengthening and detoxing the blood. Slow roasted vegetables will support any sugar cravings with slow release energy.
  • Baked Peaches with Coconut and Maple Syrup Macaroons

A selection of Teas and fresh fruit will be available throughout the day. Fresh Coffee and orange chai is available at breakfast and tea breaks.