I am inspired to write this not to instruct as to specific acupressure points for children but because the more I work on people the more I realise the wonder of touch. To be touched in a connected and loving way supports the stomach and spleen meridian. It literally holds the body. Poor stomach and spleen energy leads to, amongst other things, poor muscle tone and prolapse. By simply connecting with another’s body through conscious touch, the body is nurtured, relaxed and supported, it begins to heal itself. There are specific points that will accentuate this at a deeper level but if your child is having eating problems or actually any kind of problems at all, the first step is to hug them, hold them and stroke them. Let them feel the support and acceptance that flows through our touch. We don’t need to fix them we just need to accept and support them as they are. It’s the same for us all, only when we accept things as they are can we shift our patterns of behaviour, transforming and growing through flow rather than with force.

The stomach/spleen meridian is archetypally the mother meridian of the body. Not only does it support us but it also enables us to receive. Sometimes if I try to hug my child when he is in the vortex of an angry outburst, he resists my touch, he wants to stay in his anger, he feels its power. But then I feel him soften and he accepts my touch. Einstein is quoted as saying one of the most important choices you can make is to decide if the world is hostile or benevolent. I see the world as an abundant and supportive place but the ability to receive it’s bounty often has to be practiced. I have clients that take time to be able to receive the shiatsu treatment. They hold onto their body and muscles sometimes only finally letting go and relaxing into the shiatsu touch in the last five minutes of the treatment. The abundance and support of mother earth is out there just waiting for us to receive. Practice accepting, if someone offers you a compliment, don’t excuse it or brush it off, simply say thank you. Go and sit in nature and breathe in the bounty of the air and feel the earth supporting you, book a massage or take ten minutes in your day to ask what you’d really like and give it to yourself. “For it is in giving that we receive”. So whether you be male or female be a supportive and loving mother to yourself or to your children, hug and be hugged.