Building a Home for your Heart

Shiatsu and the Art of Conscious Cooking & YogatouchDublin present
Building a Home for your Heart
8th-10th June 2012

We all know how important it is to maintain a healthy heart by eating the right food and taking regular exercise but in Traditional Chinese Medicine the Heart is also where our consciousness lives. So if we want to think clearly, sleep well and live a life full of joy we must take care of our heart.

In our lives we come across so many forms of anxiety, pressure, lack of freedom which cause problems for the heart, often ignored or only treated by medication. This weekend aims to share knowledge from the kitchen, yoga mat and Shiatsu futon to help with the reduction of stress, calming the mind, alleviating symptoms of anxiety, high blood pressure and cholesterol, insomnia, palpitations, muscle tension, fatigue and a sense of lack of joy in life.

Relaxing, calming, tasty and inspiring… a weekend of

  • Morning and Evening Yoga and Meditation
  • Learning simple effective Shiatsu bodywork techniques
  • Conscious Cooking lessons

plus time for guided walks in the beautiful grounds of Magheramore and the beach close by.

Joanne Faulkner qualified as a Shiatsu Practitioner in 2002. Through her practice in North County Dublin she specializes in the energy of food in Traditional Chinese Medicine to bring balance, healing and transformation for the body, mind and soul. Following the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine she runs Cookery Classes and caters holistic events and workshops.

Uta Kaiser practices Shiatsu and massage at the Dublin Holistic Centre and teaches Scaravelli inspired yoga in Dalkey and Dublin. She has a keen interest in helping people from all walks of life get in touch with their bodies in a healthy and mindful way and to discover the very personal potential for a compassionate relationship with oneself and others.

Bodywork, breath work, conscious cooking and yoga support everybody to bring health and balance into their lives. Try it, in the beautiful, peaceful surroundings of Magheramore, Co Wicklow.

Cost €195 includes all food, instruction and accommodation.

For more information and a booking form contact
Joanne Faulkner 086 607 0432
Uta Kaiser 087 742 5717